CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY ! TOUS LES JOURS NOEL ! chiens joyeux partagent meme leur balles ! lol ! fou rire oui ! chiens étrangers en accord pour jeux...soyez gentils aux étrangers car vous aussi avez étés é kind to the strangers for you too have been strangers...dogs unknown to each other manage it ! 

Haleliwia! Wrecsam Cymru ysbryd nadolig hapus i brechlyn caniLeish a geir yn uk! cŵn yn rheol eglwys iawn! bob creadur bach a mawr! Crist hyd yn oed GANWYD amoungst yr isaf ohonynt i gyd! Asynnod! WWW.DALESIDEVETS.CO.UK  tel +44 (0)1978 311 881 companion animals and tel 01978 311 444 large animals meaning farm animals. Main Road Rhosrobin Wrexham LL11 4RL ...5 DEC 2013

hallelujah! Wales Wrexham happy Christmas spirit for caniLeish vaccine found in uk ! dogs in church rule ok ! all creatures great and small are loved by their creater ! Christ was even BORN amoungst the lowest of them all ! DONKEYS ! 

alléluia! pays de galles Wrexham esprit de Noël heureux pour le vaccin CaniLeish trouvé au Royaume-Uni! chiens dans l'église ok!  chez le véto ! tous les créatures, grands et petits sont aimés par leur créateur ! il est meme né parmi les plus bas animeaux ! ANES  ! Quel CONTE DE FEES ! UN VETERINAIRE DANS UNE EGLISE ! MAIS C'EST VRAIE ! C'EST VRAI ! LE PAYS DE GALLES EST PLEIN DE FEES !

 Les temps changent, les églises, les pubs sont démolis ou transformés en habitations, appartements, buros...tout change...les plus beaux villages de France sont des musées...pour touristes qui était une fois...des gens simples, pauvres, sociaux...nous sommes devenus riches, isolés, modernes. Et les chiens de bergers sont aussi du..."ils étaient une fois..." les chiens des pauvres, mais de nos jours ce sont chiens des riches...ils ne sentent plus du foin et du fumier, ils sont chics ! Ils ne dorment plus avec les moutons ! ils dorment avec nous ! ;-))

Le Rouge et le Noir...ou le bon et le mal...ils vont ensembles...NOEL, temps ancien paien de fetes pour apporter lumière dans le noir des hivers...devenu fete pour rappel de naissance du Christ sauveur d'humanité avec code morale AMOUR avant aussi COCA COLA SANTA CLAUS ! le plus grand succès commercial de tout temps ! NOEL ! 

Xmas ! the biggest commercial success of all time ! EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY ! tv recently informed us we waste 50 percent of all food on sale in Supermarkets ! oh lala ! whilst whining worse than dogs for a stroke about costs rising and people starving still everywhere ! Tinsel town ? tinsel society more likely hey ! outward festive spirits whilst shut away inside darkness more like hey ! whose doors are open to even our neighbours coming in for a chat ? ooh lala non ! we leave them notes anonmously on windscreens or insult them if we every speak for the first time to they about anything ! the sheltered accomodation bunglalow residents are reporting complaints about parking of the so many cars we love to have on public roads offended they cant take the spaces instead of others ! it is all about me me me ! concrete over front lawns even to put more of of adored not donkeys but tinpot status symbol cars hey ! lol ! and hey ! the BEST LAUGH was not the fairy tale i heard of someone who thought to boast he had an 80 thousand GBP porsche but breakfast TV saying parents and their spoilt kids were OUTRAGED their kids got the DONKEY and SHEEP parts in any nativity play rather than ONE OF THE KINGS ! lol ! HILARIOUS ! VANITY ! BOASTFULNESS about the highest role in a nativity play ! NO PRIDE IN HUMILITY OR THE FRIEND OF THE LOWEST OF THE LOW DONKEYS AND SHEEP HEY !!! oh non ! we all love to BOAST we are or have FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES ! and HUGELY EXPENSIVE CARS ETC ! to feel superior to those we speak to ! we even feel superior if there are rich people in our area  boast about that ! Stuff the Scots etc added often to that hey ! 

HILARIOUS ! CARRY ON XMAS ! should be a comedy film...and is it a coiincidence that the BEST Xfactor singers this year apart from Sam Bailey an oldie fuddy duddy mum for a bit of a refreshing change from tits out pelvis thrusting bland sexy sluts selling it a coiincidence that SHIRLEY BASSEY type BLACK coloured singers are not in fashion nowadays ? too many new recruits to the UKIP ? well  i agree with CLOSING DOWN FORTRESS EUROPE ! to join the GLOBAL COMMUNITY that makes things cheaper for us to buy and hey CHINA has pollution i saw on tv ! but WHY SHOULDNT 8 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET OWN AND DRIVE FUMING CARS TO INCREASE STORMS AND OZONE DESTRUCTION AND ASTHMA IN KIDS IN INNER CITIES ? that is the way of life WE insist on having hey ! so WATCH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ALL aim for that ! we LEAD the way for it even ! destruction of environment ! wildlife in uk 70 percent less in the past 10 years ! SAVE THE HEDGEHOG notices in vets even i see now ! it has come to that ! ! fish in ocean down 70 percent over the past 15 years ! great achievements of ours those hey ! besides seeing fairy tale 80 thousand pounds porsches on our drives ! trying to impress our neighbours with them most of all ! but i must say... the most CHEERFUL positive message i saw these past few days ? ECO WARRIORS !  little stocker in DARLAND VILLAGE SCHOOL ROSSET WALES CYMRU ! where i mistook the deputy headmaster for one of the choir singers of RHOS ORPHEUS and he replied no bad behaviour issues like in inner cities at this popular high results Welsh Village School of nearly 1000 pupils ! ECO WARRIORS ! for ecological clean up we and our parents generation have RUINED due to UNCONTROLLED GREED IS GOOD mentalities in the past 100 years ! yep ! we have come a long way since 1840 potato famine starvation in FLINTSHIRE i read ! we now get angry about neighbours with less smart cars around ! well MY DOGS ARE MY STATUS SYMBOLS i reply to that ! the CAR IS A TOOL FOR THEIR TRANSPORT a junk tinpot metal thing ! MY DOGS ARE STATUS SYMBOLS SO JA BOO TO YOU TOO ! lol !!  Well what does it really matter WHAT we use to feel boastful about hey ? why not DOGS too ? 

I WANT SOME DONKEYS ! IN THE CARPARK ! ON MY FRONT LAWN ! NOT CONCRETE CARPARKS FOR SHITTY PORSCHES ! I WANT ALPACAS ! GOATS ! SHEEP ! that i can STROKE and are NICE TO ME ! unlike other more boring fairy tale porsche owners who would flatten my donkey without hestitation if in his or her way of course, as always in a hurry to seem important nowadays...if you are not in a hurry you cannot be IMPOTENT ! sorry mis spelling i meant IMPORTANT ! lol ! 


pontcysyllte aqueduct llangollen cymru wales thomas telford built photo DSCN9824Copier.jpgpontcysyllte aqueduct llangollen cymru wales thomas telford built photo DSCN9825Copier.jpgpontcysyllte aqueduct llangollen cymru wales thomas telford built photo DSCN9814Copier.jpgpontcysyllte aqueduct llangollen cymru wales thomas telford built photo DSCN9810Copier.jpg

2 aquaduct bridges at  LLANGOLLEN and LLAMAS ! BIG alpaco type camels ! WALES HEY ! WOOLLY ! 

Now i have resolutions to make...first the CONFESSIONS !








so. no point in finger pointing at OTHERS when we are ALL IN THE SAME SINKING BOAT HEY !


oooh that is UNFASHIONABLE hey ! CONFESSIONS ! but I DONT CARE ! I DON'T CARE I WILL MAKE IT FASHIONABLE ! because i did read that in one more generation all churches will be EMPTY as only oldies go to church services today...ex arch bishop of Canterbury speech to only 300 i think i read people at Shrewsbury Cathedral or some church like that in Shrewsbury recently...


OH YEAH ? well lets PUMP UP THE VOLUME ! i suggest ! young people need ONE DIRECTION bland pop bands of bland sexy looking little boys jumping around on videos to take interest nowadays !

ONE DIRECTION meaning INTO THE KOFFERS ! CASH IN HERE ! it is ALL about making money...all those tears about I CANT GO BACK TO MY NORMAL JOB now mean i prefer making LOADSA MONEY ! not about loving to SING ! anyone can sing ! in the bath even ! that does not make MONEY howeer so LETS GET THIS POINT AGREED FIRST ! it is ALL about MAKING LOADSA MONEY to stop the tears of stress !


NOT that i think the HUMILIATION in line with WEAKEST LINK twatish modern ideas is enjoyable..But hey...since time immemorial CROWDS of us in MAJORITY went to watch HANGINGS AND GLADIATOR SHOWS where people killed or seriously injured other people in the name of ENTERTAINMENT ! so ? what is new now is we try and take this concept into a SINGING CONTEST !


I ADORE Sharon whatshername Ozzybourne...she is fun ! natural ! gutsty ! not boring for sure...and she likes DOGS ! ja has to be a a plus for me of course that !!! and...she said she wanted to see ANIMALS on stage recently ! now that could mean the perception of NASTY AGGRESSIVE animals...FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL as the other walsh judge who tends to side with this ozzybourne said...well i suggest HUMANS are the SHITTEST MOST AGGRESSIVE OVER NOTHING IMPORTANT CREATURES ON THE PLANET ! being ANIMAL is to me VERY admirable in that it means YOU DONT ¨PICK STUPID FIGHTS OVER ANYTHING EXCEPT REAL SURVIVAL OR FOOD !

 WHICH is what REAL animals are REALLY like !

HOWEVER i excuse sharoh ossybourne using animal analogies when describing the singing contestants because it did bring to mind beautiful images of GAZELLES and LIONS ! refering to the physical movements of the singers...i dont much hold to the SINGING FOR SURVIVAL image...i dont think any of the contestants lacked food especially housed in millionaires house...they needed to lose some weight in motivation to sing if being humiliated to sing in teh bottom two performers...of what were ALL excellent performers i add hence my dislike for the WAY they are presented in the singoff just to pander to the insatiable GLADIATOR TYPE NEEDS of the huge audiences watching TV...yep...the RATINGS could go down without this EXCITEMENT FACTOR of watching people under stress hey ! Maybe people dont sing so well if not under pressure ? um well what were those trembling voices out of tune sometimes in the sing offs of emotions running high ? Um sometimes they put on their BEST performance ? really ? not just the song that got lucky ? sigh. 

Now since the weakest link, jeremy kyle chat show where people come to talk about their relationship problems ...and by the way such shows have existed for several decades now in our WATCH GLADIATOR FIGHTS ON TV modern growning mentalities and the more soft middle of the road type people on such shows of the past are not spiced up by selecting the bottom rungs of our society who have ESTUARY ENGLISH ACCENTS and are hardly dicipherable....tatooes and rings in noses faces eyelids stomaches etc...long filthy hair...FAT FAT FAT ! oh ja FAT is the most common sickness people suffer from today for the first time in human history !!! i add i do admire the tv program showing how ENORMOUSLY fat people manage to lose weight on some A YEAR TO SAVE MY LIFE programme...something to admire that ! back to the shows of today...yep we as a society just LOVE watching lowest common denominator relationship analysis bands of toy boys and slutty women with tatoos etc girating in sexual provocation onscreen...too BUSY to read boring books like LADY CHATTERLEYS LOVER today we need it IN OUR FACES hey !!! and WEAKEST LINK humiliation of others even if performing superbly in a quiz show or singing contest..;THAT kind of treatment and humiliation of others we WATCH AND ACCEPT AND EVEN ENJOY today ! and we LOVE to treat our neighbours of other mostly STRANGERS we meet like that if we find an excuse to hey ! to feel important and superior and GET OUR FRUSTRATIONS out on someone hey ! IT IS ABOUT FEELING POWERLESS so TRYING TO FEEL POWERFUL !!! quite obvious really we are all effed up mentally ! for all the 80 thousand pounds fairy tale cars we have in our minds as status symbols we should aim for or feel important because a friend or neighbour of ours had one if not us !


HILARIOUS ! but we cant see the joke is on us !!! for our VANITY and ARROGANCE and PRIDE ! in the wrong things of course maybe ! 

We are certainly not boasting about our goats or donkeys hey ! we dont have any ! car parks full of our beloved CARS ! even our FRONT LAWNS taken up to put them there ! THIS IS THE WAY WE ARE HEADING ! CONCRETE JUNGLELAND !  



NELSON MANDELA A REMARKABLE MAN was humiliated for many years in a PRISON not allowed to see kids had wife letters burnt...and all because he wanted people to be treated equally irrespective of skin colour...sigh...not many people like him around...i dont think he thought the humiliation was necessary to build caracter...i think he had shown that before the imprisonment...


I explain further !

feja kicked of noise making for attention just is the message that i have been online long enough...
someties i tell her to shut up harshly sometimes i stop and go pet her go out play or whatever
falcon does the same sometimes...sometimes it is because he wants a pee he comes to my bedside pushes his nose in my face gently to wake me and if i a asleep means he wants a wee...not a strong demanding action but deliberate...
i notice they dont seem to be able to take their communication needs very far...not really..
the most i notice or interpret is if fea picks up my shoes or the lead or my scarf...that maybe she associates that with me going out so that is her way to sending me a message to put my shoes scarf on the go out !
maybe i say i am not totally sure it seems that but she doesnt do it often or i cant know...or maybe i take her out enough to not need to do it often
if falcon is in the car and wants a pee he also puts his nose in my neck and makes little whines sometimes...seems if he whines he is desperate has the runs maybe i noticed from experience...he does understand the words IN TEN MINUTES i say if driving so need to find a place to let him out...difficult often in uk due to fenced vields no verges etc to pull up on unlike the continent...
so do dogs talk to me ? yes they do often...noises of whines and grunts and coughs are made to get attetnion...i dont see any sound patters to what we call WORDS however no
they are just emotive noises for communication
so that interests me as some experts nowadays have written dogs do NOT have emotions liek humans do...they are more instinct habit animals....wagging tails etc are SIGNALS rather than a sign of emotions in them...well i say that last example is precisely eviendence dogs DO have emotions ! effin expert twats hey again ! trying to be clever with a new idea ! dogs wag their tails because theya re generally happy ! period ! any simpleton knows that !
now we are told DOGS DO NOT LOVE US ! that they dont FEEL that emotion like humans do ! that we misinterpret their tail wagging and leaps and excitement at seeing us as emotions when in fact they are gesture habits and rituals for communications !
effin nutters out ther selling books hey
well on the CONFLICT theme...interesting as newman was on about that recently...
dogs SEEM to be in constant conflict in some other ways TOTAL NO CONFLICT and avoidance of conflict preference mode by choice
how come ?
well they accept hierachy or order of eating sleeping etc quite easily...use growls to comunicate or reinforce...ok that is aggressive SPEECH but no physical aggression can escalate to a teeth seizure on the other dog if one dog tries to pass the doorway that is blocked...but not tearing skin off bites...all controlled communication in fact i see...they dont seem to LOSE IT and bite nastily to each other in these communications...
yes they seem out of PLAY sometimes to CHALLENGE the hierachy sometimes positions...falcon will STEAL fejas bone left for a few seconds ! then feja will watch and steal it back ! she wont confront him if he has got it i notice...nor he...they wait to do a non aggressive seizure !
they will growl to say KEEP OFF MY FOOD sometimes if the other gets too close or shows interest in eating from their dish
falcon in play being the huge dog will roll on his back to allow feja to mouth maul him and pin him down...always does that unless he sees irritated when he seizes her neck with his teeth but does not draw blood just holds her firmly a few moment to make her desisit her launches on him...feja is always launching herself onto falcons neck in either play or control freakism i notice and it often irritates me if they are just getting out of the car for example and she waits to pounce on him sigh
barking and pouncing is feja typical behaiovur to falcon
she ignores other dogs mostly unless playing....but is quick to show her teeth and make a loud growl at same time if they bully or push her slightly even...she is very intolerant of bullying or being pushed around by any dog or human....even a step on her pay will result in a snarl and showing of teeth...falcon is more tolerant by far won't growl at all but yelp in pain
they are superb teamwork workers...if one dog is under perceived attack by another the other dog launches to its side at once...if falcon is off poohing in the woodland here and feja kicks off barking he rushes out to be at her side double quick ! they stand side by side tails up challenging barks sent out to whatever they have been startled or offended by
there is some kind of recognition of the tones of barks made of them or other dogs...for exaple a faint bark of a dog several km away as in novasodai sometimes can make both dogs charge to attention and reply sending huge barkings together out accross the open countryside...other times they ignore sounds of dog if they recognise urgency or danger or something comunicated in teh sound of the other dogs barking...and it can be as i say very difficult to hear as so far away ! but they pick up on it !
they are both very irritating at barking at any other dog or human coming up to the car if they are in is not safe at all to have anyone approche them in such times....they are barking growling furies...i have to order them to allow people to get in the car in fact...falcon can be very difficult in fact about his place in the back and growl at adults sometimes there...he doesn't like it...he will be friendly and give them licks and demand pets also but i am never sure what all that one knows...
it is not normal for my dogs or most dogs to seek a fight...not if off leads with room to they are very different to humans for that i say...especially sat night hooligans out to get pissed and into fights all over the planet in the human world
dogs are not into fights for such needs humans have of showing their power over others inflicting harm on them for fun or feeling superior...dogs dont seem to have this need to harm to feel superior...they seem to have orderly hierachies and agreements of what is acceptable between them or eating habits and be careful if you take the food of another dog ... do it in secret dont fight over it unless defending your own food and sending the other dog a message...they certainly cease the attack fast if they do launch...eating their food or just protecting is is their seeming objective not destruction of another dog or even harming it
impressive i must say
one would imagine simpler animals than us humans are more vicious...they certainly kill using their teeth...but no they are not into killing except for food or defense in reality...and as for tempers...they seem from observations to have enormous self control to limit harm done even if seeming to be in full attack is a lot of nosie and not much engagement i notice...they control the engagement greatly avoding it
unlike humans
there is something PERVERSE in the human psyche...that is WORSE than animals...more destructive...nastier...more lacking in real motive of logic...simply for fun...and that is universal it is not restricted to nezis...any human is a potential nazi in reality in my view and manys views that are honest...beause uncontrolled humans are more into unwarranted for fun violence...unlike other animals...except those humans have bred to be extreme attackers..;like pitbulls etc. choosing to breed the EXTREME aggressive individuals of a type of dog for human wishes. thus changing the natural nature of the animal in fact. such breeds are in fact manufactured animals, not natural selection at all and dangerous yes. Natural selection would have ensured a BALANCE, A MIX OF CARACTER TYPES in all species ! because EACH type has its role and place ! all are essential ! it is NOT natural for a species to have ALL THE SAME NATURE ! all be aggressive or submissive ! we humans have bred animals to those ends ! to produce STANDARD CARACTER TYPES ! and hey presto ! we then are suprised some breeds of dogs launch themselves readily at either humans or other dogs ! having been BRED SPECIFICALLY to be like that !
One has to question who is more STUPID animals or the higher IQ humans who believe any argument given if it is by someone with a qualification calling them an EXPERT or RICH THICK KID from Eton like the Major of London who amazingly has managed to have a few good policies or non stupid comments to make ! the SCHOOL CLEANERS make sensible common sense comments ! could run London or anything as well as a Boris hey ! it is all about putting a hat on someone really ! lol ! the film BEING THERE with peter sellers was brilliant for showing that ! a GARDNENER made statements like THERE WILL BE GROWTH IN THE SPRING and he was hailed as an economic miracle and made president ! ok in the film exagerating ! but hey ! that PEANUT FARMER the usa had wasnt that bad ! he used to make common sense statements too ! and happened to have enough money to get voted as fact politicians nowadays like prime ministers have never DONE a proper job except TALKING POLITICS ! based on having had a priviledged backgrounds and be millionaires ! um excuse me if i fail to see how they understand ordinary peoples problems and possibilities hey !
lol !!! HILARIOUS ! but hey we are always easily swayed by good orators ! and be impressed by people with big money ! doesnt matter if they made it just by kicking a ball around a field for playing football, singing silly love songs that sell in millions so make them very rich or selling millions of peanuts to tescos ! the point is having money gives people respect ! ok if owner of harrods due to drugs and arms selling maybe a bit less respect but then one ignores the details of how people make their money very often it is enough to HAVE the money to get respect generally ! lol ooh ja ! We seem unable to understand that when such rich people open their mouths on general subject matters like the economy or anything else ...their views are not the most intelligent or appropriate just because they made a mint selling records of singing rudolph the red nosed reindeer !! hilarious ! 
no responses needed.

NOt thinking that separating all that plastic bottles rubbish etc ends up anywhere but an illegal landfill site in CHINA or the Third world...oh ja...wouldnt it be nice if we were really told the TRUTH with EVIDENCE that is independantly audited to prove our waste is really recycled and not dumped as has been reported and shown occasionally in the press and tv in other countries pretending to us there is any benefit to our time consuming and streets environment defacing with bins and rubbish when the wind blows all over our streets etc...
I WILL TRY NOT TO WASTE FOOD meaning buy things i throw out
I WILL NOT BUY CLOTHES That i never wear much based on all the ones unworn that fill bags of space unnecessarily for years before ending up in charity bins
I will try to walk more to keep healthy knowing humans are now more overweight due to lack of exercise in their daily lives than in previous generations who were manual workers and walked to work or school even several miles a day and now we drive even 1 mile saying we dont have time but really due to laziness and our love of the CAR
I have stopped smoking !! ja ! several months managed now dec 2013 and no wish to restart ! it was changing environment suddently and the shock of seeing the nhs annual cost of smoking of 4 thousans pounds average per year information that persuaded me to do it again...
OF course for YEARS societies everywhere denied smoking caused cancers shortened lives...publicity of cigaratte sellers politicians even earning money from the taxes and our own refusal to accept truths like this were responsible...just as now we refuse to accept that mobile phones are damaging our brains and kids in particular get tumours etc due to the effects of waves created on brains due to this love of remote communication rather than face to face.
AND i am thinking of doing something to show the beauty of local nature walks to enjoy...i do find surprisingly good the WREXHAM SUPERB PARCS nearby !
here are some publications etc...but i was thining taking pictures of say each of the walks of one day length on a is nice to do and watch a slideshow even !
AND BUY SUSAN BOYLE CHRISTMAS ALBUM xfactor superb singer ! did not come 1st in the final came second...but WHAT A VOICE ! in a frumpy middle aged northern scotland woman ! and i saw on tv she lives not in a mansion but in her same council house and takes the bus in her area just like before ! now that i admire...even if it is not the IMAGE someone with money usually has....she is different...and i hope she is happy she seems to be i add....
I see pain in the minds of people that are wealthy i add....self mutiliation of tatooes and rings studs in skin all over the place...drug taking...that was always an early death cause of many pop stars but part of the image of being a pop star...
but ECO WARRIORS ! I was impressed to see that small sticker in a village school...and i hope it was not because adults are encouraging kids to think ecology but that the kids themselves see the sense in changing attitudes...but i am not sure...greed and pressures of  conspicuous consumption...big words those hey...are such that kids are encouraged to want more of the more wasteful consuming type of things of our world like mobile phones new every few months .... even a phone is not enough it has to be changed often to stay trendy...waste is not will fill the landsites and pollute our planet...and the flowers disappear and birds etc also...
Ah well, such BEAUTY in our NATURAL ENVIRONMENT ! and i must get more of it...


I tried to contact organisation of therapy dogs...thinking FALCON in particular would LOVE to be with people who also would get such delight form his affections towards them...just  stroking my dogs makes me feel good....but it is not easy to get information on this...AHA ! 11th Dec 2013 i get the pack in the post from !  THIS IS THE FALCON DOG WHO CAN GET HIS WINGS TO PASS I believe ! I BELIEVE IN FALCON ! here he makes HIM happy to be affectionate to humans ! the gentle giant ! THIS is what we overstressed modern nutters need to GET A LIFE ! 

THERAPY FOR CHRISTMAS AND ALL YEAR ROUND DOGS !!! LOADS of dogs, cats etc locally abandoned waiting for you ! !  MOLD CYMRU refuge

Children in FLORENCE delighted to stroke the dark black dogs ! ESPECIALLY Falcon ! who says looks don't talk a thousand words and emotions ?

some details of what it takes ! to pass ! add value to ourselves ! others ! our world ! KINDNESS ! EXAMPLE SET BY A DOG ! FALCON !

and on  11th Dec 2013 FALCON PRESENTED HIMSELF TO THE GATEHOUSE VETERINARY CLINIQUE LAVISTER WREXHAM WALES FOR HIS THERAPY DOG ASSESSMENT ! THE GATEHOUSE VETERINARY CLINIC. LAVISTER. WREXHAM. LL12ODF. WALES tel 01244 570364...many papers being sent for his application to be reviewed to become a Therapy dog. Many pictures of cats needing homes on the noticeboard at the vets...and a border collie dog found near Broughton highway..

I was at the near OWEN renault welsh repairs garage wrexham having a coffee while my broken car heater was being fixed...and a chap there told me how the faces of people lit up when they visited a relative of his in a home with their dog...that kindda light is lovely hey ! lol! the dogs are sure prettier than he was i add ! or me ! lol ! 

and for xmas i got myself and a few friends an ALPACO REAL WOOL BONNET AND SCARF IN ONE ! (beanie)  for some extra warmth...from the ANDES ! on ebay !I couldn't find any REAL NATURAL WELSH SHEEPS OR ALPACA WOOL ones ! only atifical polyester stuff ! and a beehive cd ! THINK BEES ! ROYAL JELLY ! and BEESWAX CANDLES WITH FRAGRANCES ! to soothe us. in the duke's woodland ? lol !

BEWARE OF THE ALPACA ! THE LAMB WOOLLY CAMEL from the ANDES originally but ALSO COMING TO WALES ! Two South American-style alpacas have been drafted in to help protect a flock of Welsh mountain sheep in Snowdonia.


THE MAGIC OF ALPACAS ! Take a tour of our site and learn a little about the magical alpaca - but be warned, they are seriously addictive ... and if you want to share the magic we would love to see you at the Farm! We are a working farm so to save disappointment please give us a call on 01545 590361 or email beforehand to arrange a visit.

Bobby Bear - £85.00

A beautiful & unique gift for a birth or christening, this bear is lovingly crafted in 100% needle felted alpaca fleece from our own herd in Wales.



WALES ! CYMRU ! THERE IS BEAUTIFUL THERE IS ! thank GOD for lack of motorways that have RUINED the PEACE and BEAUTY of so many places elsewhere ! ROARING TRAFFIC NOISE DROWING OUT EVEN BIRDSONG HEY is the norm everywhere else !


web server statistics

Now while I think about it...I make mention of some FACTS not EMOTIVE BULLSHIT about IMMIGRANTS ! 

It is EASY to whip up skinhead type nationalism as a diversion to find scapegoats for things wrong in the lives of people ! easy ! but not based on are some FACTS about the UK but could be safely said to be the same in principle to ANY country with immigration...IMMIGRANTS ARE A NET BENEFIT to a country not a cost ! LOGICAL ! the FINANCIAL TIMES !! Now if all the drug taking tatood rings in skin everywhere benefits scroungers producing kids to get even more housing and benefits paid by taxpayers in the UK and elsewhere EMMIGRATED somewhere they might GET A JOB to fund their addictions hey ! if they had any time for that ! seems producing kids they can't pay for and taking drugs etc occupies them fully to see them on Jeremy Kyle chatshows ! This underclass in the UK like in all countries in Europe TRASH their state provided homes ! steal from each other and anyone possible ! take drugs ! all funded by ? the WORKING FOR PEANUTS BUT PAYING UK TAXES POLISH PLUMBERS etc ! jaja ! seems kicking ass of the lazy natives, indigenous inhabitants of any country should be more of a focus than immigrant bashing hey ! 

The UCL study concluded that between 1995 and 2011, immigrants from the European Economic Area contributed £8.8bn more than they received in benefits. That compared with a drain on the nation’s finances of £604.5bn by native Britons. More recent migrants contributed even more, the study found. ooh lala !!! this article ends saying Brits watching the Xfactor are a problem !!! eeek !! I ADORE THE XFACTOR ! I LOVE MUSIC and singers !