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I wrote and received no response to this polite clear communication sent online on their website AND Facebook page the same evening as the unacceptable in a civilised polite society behaviour of their regulars in the pub.

"Golden Lion Rossett Village pub incident 30th November 2017

Dear Sir, Madam,
I walked in the dark this evening to enjoy the Xmas Tree lights ceremony turn on at the Rossett Village center where many children and I were delighted to enjoy the event.

I was cold and about to walk home but stood admiring the lights of your pub from across the road by the shops there. A stranger, a man spoke to me initially about my dogs…talking about his relative’s Akita dog. Pleasant normal exchange. However then he invited me to have a drink with him in your pub. I agreed saying it was a cold night it would be good to warm up a bit after standing in the cold night during the Xmas lights turn on .

We came in…found a table free next to another table in a recess where a large group was sat at the larger table with their 2 dogs and exchanged pleasantries. The man did not offer to go to the bar to order any drinks…so as he sat down…I said I would do so and did…crisps and beer for him a shandy for me. I cleared the table of left glasses etc also left by previous customer when they left.
We talked with the people on the next to us table about dogs…I got up and petted them as they did mine etc…the man stayed sat at the table during these moments. Then I got the dominos and quiz card game you have in your pub and played with this man a while buying another round of drinks and crisps for us both.

I spent about 20 GBP on drinks and crisps for myself and this stranger I had met on the street outside your pub that invited me in to join him for a drink but then did not pay for the numerous drinks consumed or crisps.

I had nevertheless a pleasant time...sat in a niche area with this man my 2 dogs and a table full of other people with their 2 dogs next to us at close quarters. All chatted and I played dominos and a quiz cards game with this man. I do not know his name...maybe he told me but maybe not.

I had been to the Rossett Xmas lights event just opposite I add nice time there had also with happy people and my dogs.

However...being a single female and dark even though the conversation with this man had been pleasant on numerous topics...I did not wish to walk to my home back with him alone...he wished to do so I add.

So on leaving the pub I decided to use the front door of the pub to exit as he was waiting outside the back door for me.

However...the unpleasant incidents...several in fact...were due to the owner of a black labrador....loose off lead in the pub as was the Jack Russell The black lab I add...who had growled in fact slightly earlier...seemed rather “tense” as can be seen on one of these photos in this small album I took. Earlier a Dalmation had started barking a bit also…dogs being dogs issue…and also maybe dogs being regulars somewhere seeing strange dogs around…although as one can see on the photos there had been several close encounters with 3 other dogs in this pub my dogs sat right next to 2 in fact most of the evening and sniffed noses with another as I say…as in the photos here.

The owner of this black labrador and a couple of other obviously "locals" or "regulars" at your pub accused me of being "provocative" in wishing to use the front door of the pub to exit.

I believe they were uncomfortable with their black labrador risking being disturbed by my dogs and I passing the since there had been barkings at my dogs earlier ...not a problem even though when a Dalmation dog who came in later he also barked and I did hear a member of staff say something loud about dogs out if it carried on...not my dogs stop barking to order easily...

However I was naturally unpleasantly surprised or not surprised to be accused and resented for using the front door to exit the pub. There was no incident no barking between the dogs as we passed the black lab whose owner did hold onto the dog it was off lead in case it started to resent other dogs again that it did not obviously know.

I do not wish to come again alone in the evening to a pub...and pay for drinks so much for a stranger who had invited ME for A DRINK and proceeded to not buy any except a HALF shandy for me at the end and was trying to insist I drink more...I had only wished for 1 drink in the first place 2 at most and would have expected equal sharing of the costs of those drinks and crisps...the man had eaten before going out he told me...but I said well not me so I was hungry.

I know the British do like to drink quite heavily. That is not my style. I am more a coffee drinker.

I will not do this again...not in your establishment or any pub again in is already uncomfortable for a woman alone to sit in a pub alone and when having a drink with a stranger as described is uncomfortable to have to be faced with uncertain further issues on leaving alone in the dark in the street with a stranger who had told me he had a partner but was not wishing to say much about her and obviously not out with her that evening so one cannot be certain of intentions.

I did NOT wish to PROVOKE or human on choosing to leave by the front door of your pub this evening...that was upsetting to me to have several people gang up on me to make such an accusation.

I wanted to AVOID this stranger politely, for my own SAFETY, without having any conflict about my wishes to simply return home alone.

I stopped at the Nags Head on my walk home and chatted with the staff and customer there pleasantly had 2 coffees.

I will be more careful in future to not believe any strange man who invites me to join him for a drink like that again. He did not even get up to get the drinks or carry them I had to do all that each time...but he did have some kind of disability as he had some walking apparatus with him so I did not object to carrying drinks and glasses cleared off tables etc for him.

I do like occasionally to eat or drink coffee alone outside mostly at your establishment I add...only yesterday I was there outside with my dogs alone in the garden and enjoyed a coffee outside and played ball with my dogs no one else was there it was a pleasant atmosphere.

Thank you for understanding my dislike of what was said to me by several of you obvious regulars in the pub. I was NOT trying to provoke anyone or any dog...I was simply wishing to leave by the front door of a pub to avoid issues of a stranger to me man who wished to walk home with me that I was naturally to my mind uncomfortable with.

Here are the pictures of my evening.

ps excuse me for not giving in this form my real phone number, the form does ask for it but . that is not what I would wish to be known publically.

Thank you for your understanding. Lesson learnt by me also regarding pubs generally and strangers in the night issues.

I rarely go to pubs. Especially not in the evenings. I go daytimes mostly and mostly sit outside alone. As I am alone, pubs are not suitable or comfortable places for a woman alone in my opinion. Tonight I had been to see the Xmas lights turn on in Rossett and due to a man talking to me started by discussing my 2 dogs who were with me...things got out of hand… I just wanted to go home in peace. I am not a regular/local at your pub as obviously others are. It is maybe natural that they would think a stranger is trying to be provocative by leaving by the front door...but I could hardly explain my reasons faced with such hostile to me comments you will realise. This man who is a stranger to me maybe is familiar to these men who spoke to me unpleasantly even I suggest. He is "local".…/Rossett%20Village%20Xmas%20Li…"

2nd request for a reply to my above communication sent a week ago to the Golden Lion Pub Rossett opposite the Premier Village Stores convenience store...Comment left on a post of the Golden Lion Pub today 5th Dec 2017..
6h Nov 2017...2 more reminders asking for a reply asked by me of this pub...

"Noelle Obcarskas hello pls check your inbox and online forms for the communications I sent on both to you the night of the switching on of xmas lights in Rossett..I am still awaiting an I need to paste what I wrote to you on my public timeline maybe ?"

The Reaction of the Golden Lion Pub to that comment ? was to BLOCK me and no response to my 30th November 2017 communication of a serious nature.

Yesterday..i was charged 1.75 GBP for 1 Black Coffee. A few days prior to that...I was charged 1.40 GBP for a Soy Latte Coffee. which is also the price of a Soy Latte Coffee at the Grosvenor Hotel Spa in Pulford. The service was deliberately slow...serving other men before me clearly...I had time to go to the toilets 2 times and still no coffee was ready.

And comment left here on my timeline also....If the Golden Lion Pub in Rossett Cymru North Wales between Wrexham Wrecsam and Chester on the Chester and Wrexham Road...opposite the Premier Village Stores...does not reply to the 30th November evening communications I sent them using their faulty online webpage communication form as well as normal Facebook message function...and having been there 2 times since in person and been charged different amounts for the same coffees....then the full details of a more serious than just charging a customer different amounts for the same thing details will appear in public. I have noticed they are active on Facebook...they posted a picture just 50 minutes i left a reminder comment there that they still have not replied...6 days after a serious communication from even say...we have read your communications.

Rossett Village Xmas Lights Turn On Slideshow by Nana Obcarskas

Rossett Village Xmas Lights turn on 30th November 2017 and Golden Lion Pub drinks paid for by me after being invited by a stranger on the street - View the…

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Noelle Obcarskas actually i recall seeing 1 significant other word besides DRIVEL in the 1 week later and hostile opening sentence tone email to me from the Golden Lion Pub...the word POLICE...caught my eye...and I recall in the FLASH seconds that I saw the long rambling DRIVEL of that pub sent to me...that they were suggesting the POLICE should deal with yelling at customers locals and regulars in pubs...THAT IS WHY OUR TAXES COST hey ...I say to that...PUBS...COST TAXPAYERS not only ACCIDENTS of DRUNKS on the roads...YELLING and unpleasantness in the neighbourhood as drunks leave the pub...NHS costs of liver psyriosis etc from alcohol abuse...but POLICE COSTS also dealing with the usual AGGRESSION alcohol fuels.

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Noelle Obcarskas last comment ...I received after this email from the Golden Lion pub...I only read the 1st line..which was HOSTILE and accusing me and used the word DRIVEL to describe my letter to them. So I replied...I did not and will not read the rest of that offensive communication from them...they set the TONE in the 1st sentence...and I will be pleased to not return ever again to such a down market pub. It really is a place for alcoholics and heavy drinkers.

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Noelle Obcarskas time is running out...I have the word document letter ready to post on a special detailed webpage of it's well as TripAdvisor...doing a Facebook review..and adding it to the Promotional Premier Village Stores webpage I did ...I will give this pub 1 more hour...before I load and fire.

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Noelle Obcarskas I will not frequent pubs anymore around here or in Chester. They are not "my cup of tea" as one would say. I am not an I do not earn the pubs good money. I do not lke dirty places or uncouth people in my vicinity in such pubs. I certainly do not like to be made to feel unwelcome...which I was when all I did was leave by the Front Door of the pub and some an evening of them drinking in the bar...objected vociferously yelling at me. The bar staff did nothing. And did not reply to my complaint sent in writing and treated me badly when I returned for a coffee the day after charging me different prices and making me wait wait wait and spoke in hostile tones to me.

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Noelle Obcarskas they have blocked me on their Facebook page...they saw my request for a reply to my email...and this was their response...block ? i do not need to WAIT any longer. I will fire off the detail now...and do the special webpage and SEO indexing afterwards. Not that the drunks using that pub that they obviously support more than casual single female customers who get harassed there by their regulars are the business they want...easy to be made from drunks by pubs. Money talks. Drunks money talks. No surprises there.


en plus pas nécessaire de tuer avec cruauté autres aniimaux pour nos animaux domestiques..mes chiens sont hyper actifs...

my high energy dogs like many do not need to feed off deaths of many other cruelty treated animals...

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