Video of 3 months during the summer, fast speed bees making honeycomb and honey inside top bar hive

1 inch thick wood is best 2cm

waterproof outside paint is best

Lack of insects ... sounds ominous ? There is one group of insecticides that have now been on the market for some ten years and comes under the name of neonicotinoids, which includes Imidacloprid, Clothianidin, Thiacloprid, Thiamethoxam, Acetamiprid, Dinotefuran

These insecticides are nicotine-based and act as a neurotoxin. 

Honey bees, for one, have been in drastic decline for some years ... lack of biodiversity, pests, diseases but now ...

Oilseed rape, cereals, maize, sunflowers, cotton, pastures, potatoes, rice, sorghum, sugar beet, sunflowers, and vegetables ...

  ... have their seeds coated with this group of insecticides.
Dead bee

These insecticides remain in the food you eat and they remain in the ground, some having a half life of up to NINETEEN years depending on soil type. They are highly mobile in the soil, water soluble, highly toxic to aquatic life and are accumulative.

PLANTS needed good for POLLEN (bee food) NECTAR (honey) and WAX (resin for propolis)


GORSE/FORSYTHIA yellow flowers on bushes


LUPINS...ignored by deer and rabbits  The only flower loved by Karchner butterfliesand some give NECTAR to make LUPIN HONEY !


MELISSA ...pollen and honey...LEMON BALM...250lbs honey, 120lbs pollen per acre

THISTLE...VIPERS BUGLOSS...ECHIUM VULGARE...300 to 1000 lbs per acre honey and 2000 lbs of pollen per acre





THISTLES ! LACY PHACELIA ! SCORPION PLANT ! Phacelia tanacetifolia.   deer resistant. 

VIPERS BUGLOSS...ECHIUM VULGARE..adderwart, blue devil....300 to 1000 lbs per acre honey and 2000 lbs of pollen per acre BORAGE ! nectar and pollen.

MESLISSA ...Lemon Balm

BLACK LOCUST...ACACIA TREE FLOWER...Robinia pseudoacacia... 800 lbs honey per acre





MILKWEED...ASCLEPIAS...Asclepias incarnata...120 to 250 lbs honey per acre and 2000 lbs of pollen. butterfly on swamp milkweed.



Poplar Tree

Pine Tree


TEMPERATURE of AVERAGE BEEHIVE is 30 celcius inside when active.

WATER CONTENT of bee products:

HONEY ...18 percent

POLLEN ...18 percent

VENOM ...7 percent

ROYAL JELLY...62 percent

PROPOLIS...2,3 percent


HONEY...average 15kg max 40 kg

POLLEN...average 66lbs

PROPOLIS....1 kg possible

In winter bees produce water when eating honey stores 0.68 kg of water per 1 kg of honey eaten

Uncapped honey has high water content

Honey absorbs water



HONEY CAKE ! yum yum ! 


INSULATION ! PAROC in LT ! is important against OVERHEATING and COLD ! so even in SUMMERTIME the top of the hive needs insulation, in winter extra insulation can be added to the outter sides inside the hive by SOLID END FRAMES.

Personally, I wonder if Hay, Straw or even house Roof Insulation foam would be ok ! ? inside a cloth cushion cover ! blankets are also used I note !

Here are some pictures of my LT bees and the inside INSULATION CUSHIONS put on top of the wood coverings of the rules ok even for cushion covers ! and YELLOW, BLUE AND GREEN THE BRIGHT COLOURS OF NATURE for the outside of the hives ! no painting of INSIDE of the hive of course the bees do their own thing with their ANTISEPTIC PROPOLIS STICKY BROWN COATINGS !

AND NOW LT MODERN BEES ! are these CAUSASIAN BEES ? certainly not the ORIGINAL LITHUANIAN AGGRESSIVE GREY BEE heard about from a lady with 160 hives ! 5 hives per Hectare and all work done by herself and husband ! that means about 2 hives per acre since hectare is about 2 be as precise as bees I acre is 0.404685642 hectares or 1 hectare is 2.471 acres. roughly a hectare is half an acre or 2 acres is 1 hectare. So 10 hectares could take 50 beehives. depending on fauna and other factors of course.

21 species of wild bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) discovered in Lithuania are presented. This number includes 13 species that are new to the Lithuanian fauna (Hylaeus pectoralisH. pfankuchiAndrena combinataA. paucisquamaLasioglossum majusL. pallensDasypoda suripesHoplitis tridentateH. tuberculata tuberculataOsmia aurulentaMegachile genalisNomada castellanaN. trapeziformis) and also five rare species (Colletes caspicusHoplitis leucomelanaOsmia bicolourNomada baccata and N. zonata) known in Lithuania from ancient literary sources. All the data based on the collection material about Bombus cryptarum, which appears to be one of the most abundant species of wild bees in Lithuania, has been separated from the complex B. lucorum s. l. Today the Curonian Spit (Lithuania and Russia) is the only known habitat in the western part of Colletes caspicus Mor. distribution. Hylaeus pfankuchi Alfken species by its habitat type (fens and wet meadows) distinctly differs from very similar H. rinkiGorski species which prefers drier habitats.

Observing activity at the entrance or entrances if more than one entrance in the hive of the bees is an indicator of well being in the hive. If bees seem sluggish or listless then something is wrong, and if no bees seen something is very wrong of course ! I did video the activity but didn't realise my camera memory was filled so missed it ! here are some videos I did that did work...videos of going into hives to get honey combs out and another video of extracting honey from honey combs removed using manual turning drum

Back not in the USSR but back in the UK, transfer of bees in a National Nuc box to a Dadant Hive. Difficult as the frames of a National hive are much smaller than Dadant hive frames. Frames had to be put in different directions to fit in. Wood spacer strips are easier to handle and better for a snug fit for the bees. Bees do not like gaps around frame tops and can waste time propolising these gaps that stress them. No smoker was used in full sunshine to do this transfer one handed holding a camera to film.

June nuc of young May queen is transfered after a few days of being placed in new location more than 8 miles away from original location into a Super Dadant hive which has 44 frames, 22 on each level, 2 levels, 2 hive entrances, varoe grid floor, no queen excluder yet put in place until the first level of frames are filled then second level of frames will be put into the hive separated by covering wood ceilings on both levels and insulation end boards for the winter time when the frames will be reduced and pushed together in the middle of the hive when the colony reduces from some 60 thousand bee to only a few thousand bees. Most bees lifespans are only a few weeks except for the queen who can live up to 5 years and some worker and drone bees who do not hibernate but stay in the hive eating their summer stores during the winter months. The Dadant hive is a very spacious hive that does not need adjusting as the colony grows and has no moveable parts that could slide apart it is a solid entrie construction. Emtpy including frames weight 60 kilos, full with bees and honey up to 100 kilos. The thickness of the outer walls of the Dadant are 2cm. In winter time innner insulation is added of 6cm either side of the bottom frames. The top frames are removed and insulation such as hay or other cushions is put under the roof, this needs to be there for summer time in the roof to insulate also against overheating. Due to the National Hive frames being much shorter by an inch and not as deep by several inches than a Dadant the 5 national origin nuc frames had to be put in a different direction to fit into the hive. Bees do not much care whether their frames are vertical or horizontal. The spacing between the frames however is important, not too wide and not too close together. I wll add more national small frames to fill in the space where the nuc national frames have been put. This nuc had just had a Bee Inspector health check and given the all clear. MISTAKES MADE IN THIS VIDEO ! confirmed by Biobees members and I agree...FIRSTLY do not LUNGE into a hive at once, take time to stand near the hive and think nice thoughts so the bees smell positive intentions...SECONDLY do not rough handle bits of wood and frames that bees are on gentle. THIRDLY all those plastic spacers have been removed with more snug fitting wood strips between the frames to give better insulation and not waste bees time making propolis to fill the gaps so much. LAST BUT NOT LEAST ! EVE of HAWARDEN my MENTOR ex beekeper in WALES CYMRU advised me yesterday that WEATHER MATTERS ! BEES DO NOT LIKE MUGGY WEATHER ! and if raining do NOT open hives they get cold and can die.

MY OPINION ON BEE HIVES ! based on horror discoveries when I tried moving a UK National Hive full of bees etc...THS TYPE OF HIVE IS A PILED UP ON TOP OF EACH OTHER SET OF SHOE BOXES WITH NO FASTENINGS ! THEY SLIP AND SLIDE LETTING OUT THOUSANDS OF BEES EASILY ! A TOTAL NIGHTMARE ! and WATER must seep through the cracks in these boxes ! bad for bees ! why skimp on adding latches to keep the boxes tight together ?

And what is called a DADANT hive by some confuses me ! i see not difference in the pictures of the Natonal and Dadant other than size in some catalogues ! they seem in some catalogues to be the same pile of shoe boxes loose on top of each other ! A DADANT HIVE IS A SOLID OUTER UNBROKEN BOX WITHIN WHICH FRAMES AND BOXES ARE PUT ! the hive is SOLID ! does not slide around !

SO I wrote this to a UK manufacturer Thornes to help them understand, this NATIONAL STACK OF SHOE BOXES is totally impractival to move for humans, EASILY pushed over, a leaning TOwer of Pisa full of tens of thousands of INSECTS !  and leaky and cramped for bees.


Now Dear Sir, Madam, BORE DA, Hello to you all I hope you read this...
That is not very polite a form of address actually, it should be Ladies and Gentlemen sor Dear Madam, Sir but in English they are not consistent with this concept....PEARLS BEFORE SWINE ! as Oscar Wilde said ! Ladies before Gentlemen !
Not implying men are swine and anyway pigs are highly intelligent creatures that humans often keep in the dark in scheiss unfit for pigs only humans who do not wash as often voluntarily
Right, back to the point... the plural in fact....
Dear Thornes of East Anglia Lincolnshire even to be precise,
May I point out some faults in products I have had the misfortune to experience first hand recently myself and the views of LT beekeeper Madame Queen Bee regarding the picture on page 11 of your March 2015 Catalogue...of a named DADANT Hive.
1. That Dadant on your page 11 is NOT a REAL DADANT hive ! it is a stack of layered boxes on your picture ! that is not how DADANTS are ! DADANT Hives are SOLID ONE UNIT FRAME HIVES that INSIDE have 2 levels of Frames ! separated sometimes by a Queen excluder and at the base there is place for varoe mesh or plastic sheet. The base of the hive is not wire mesh open but solid pinewood, 1,5cm thick outer wood, peaked roof with metal top over the roof wood which has big space for insulation cushion. Inside the hive has solid marine plywood end frames for the winter insulation in addition to at least 4cm thick cushions also for the sides of the frames left in for the winter at the base level of frames, the top frame level being removed for the winter.
There are often 2 entrances for the bees, and several wire mesh ventilation panels on the outside of the hive sides. Close to the roof in fact to be precise. Landing boards and a cover over the entrances made of fold back when not in use for protection against rain and snow to the entrances of the bees, the entrances can be reduced for winter time and have mouse guards of metal fitted or pollen traps added to catch the pollen as the bees enter the hive and it brushes off their legs for those that collect pollen for sales of that.
NO part of a Dadant hive is an unsecured item that would slide off if not sellotaped etc as is unfortunately the design of the Faulty for this need National Hive stacked boxes without clips of any kind to make the hive secure !
Please consider therefore, removing this misleading picture of a DADANT hive from your advertising and replacing it with ? THIS ! options for 12, 16 or 22 Frame size Dadant 16 frames on 2 levels is the LT standard I am told, meaning the hive has 32 frames in total in it. 22 frame hives have 44 frames in them, 12 frame hives 24. 2 layers times the number of frames on 1 level principle. The DADANT does NOT go higher than that ! 2 levels ! and the roof is an easy to lift up and stay in the air secured by metal attachments while looking in the hive ! it does not COME OFF or need putting on the ground like the unsecured National hive jigsaw leaning tower of Pisa style hive !
The advantages of the Dadant design are...
1. Better insulation against heat, cold and wet. I mean water gets in anywhre so those boxes stacked on the National hives are not waterproof ! unless the bees propolise the cracks, joins and then that is destroyed when humans lift the boxes off of course !
2. More space for the bees to work and fill combs. AT ONCE ! not  needing humans to go in and decide um oh it needs another box on top !
3. Less swarming due to bees having more space and not feeling cramped 
4. Easier access for humans to simply take out individual frames of honey or whatever to look at or take away replacing them with new frames easily, not cramped and not needing a lifting of an entire level of frames  ! 
5. Stability...the Dadant is deer, sheep and human knock over proof. the Size of it and weight ensure this. The National stacked boxes hives are accidents waiting to happen.
6. TRAnsport ease...when moving a hive full of bees honey and frames, one closes up the bee entrance which HAS A CLIP to secure it, and the hive can be lifted by 2 METAL HANDLES on either side of it or forklift lifted if such a hive moving equipement is used for several hives ! I used a hydraulic manual lifter myself in LT. There is NO bees LEAKING issue as there are no stacked loose boxes in this hive construction, nothing can slide or come apart.
Additional comments...
Prices for UK hive buyers of hives and their components is far too high. This is a MASSIVe disincentive to take up beekeeping in the UK
Something needs to be done about this.
FRAMES sold in pieces to be fitted like a jigsaw by the buyer are time consuming and being pinewood a soft wood it is not reliable and can be hard to fit together. all wood moves, it can shrink or swell especially softwoods, so this makes construction of frames a very time consuming affair as i recently found out.
should be a NO NO in the UK.OR WITH OVERHANG to allow water to not drop on bees entrance to hive.  Like the silly architect fashion in the 60's when people were far too high on substances it seems to me and created Flat Rooved houses for humans, they forgot IT RAINS  A GREAT DEAL in the uk ! so it is NOT the Mediterranean or Middle east here where FLAT ROOF houses can be done ! WATER issues ! PEAKED rooves are needed in the uk for bees and human houses !
If you wish to get hand made 2cm thick REAL DADANT HIVES i recommend my latest supplier that I brought 8 of into the uk from recently. FULLY FITTED WITH FRAMES INSULATION AND OUTER PAINTED YELLOW AND BLUE AS PER MY INSTRUCTIONS !
Just look at the DIfference between these 2 pictures of DADANT HIVES ! One is yours in the catalogue, the other is the Factory made 22 Frame Dadant made in LT now in the UK in Wales with Black Bees in it.
I provide the link to the main factory producer of Dadant hives in LT, but do not recommend them they ignore me and tell me I can't have 100 hives from them 40 is enough. I am fed up with being told what I can and can't do sometimes as we all are.
I must have a sticker saying STUPID on my forehead that only others can see not me for me to spend my life taking so many orders from all sorts of people.
I MAKE MISTAKES ! but I LIKE YELLOW GREEN AND BLUE OUTER PAINTED BEEHIVES ! they are the colours of nature ! the sun ! the sky ! the land !
and having different colour hives helps the bees know their own homes and not go robbing other bees homes if close by.
I am now a member of a UK bee association. I am ignored by that lot in LT of course being not a full blood LT and having language problems and maybe other reasons.
Loads of people sell new made Dadant hives in LT. Loads of wood workers there and PRECISION ENGINEERING is very very good quality I assure you ! not being someone who likes things that do not fit well together !
Loads advertise on Skelbiu, a sort of gumtree website I found and managed to use with help of google translate.
SO ! I do not want to over inundate you with too much verbosity, but I hope amoungst the criticisms yes I make here of National Hives and your idea of a Dadant hive that I have not just criticised but suggested possible improvements.
I was VEry impressed with the polystyrene Nuc Box of 7 frames capacity with feeder ventilation and entrance closable that i bought recently in Jones Ruthin Bee shop ! very impressed ! UNTIL I DROPPED THE 2 PARTS OF THE NUC BOX DUE TO THEM NOT BEING SECURED AND HAVING NO HANDLES TO CARRY IT !
such small things matter greatly ! aid humans greatly ! imagine if that had been full of bees and frames when i dropped it !! eeeek ! horrible for them too !
Ok excuse me those read like orders, they are SUGGESTIONS ! sometimes things SOUND like orders when fluffy words are not added to pad them out i say in explanation to that.
Who is this nutter writing to us like this ? you may be asking yourself...excuse me yes let me present myself...I am NOELLE MARIE-THERESE OBCARSKAS of Pulford, Cheshire Member of Flintshire Bee Association in Wales as I spend most choice time there and it is only 100 meters from my house. I own bees. Not in great quantities, but would like to one day, and, want more people to have bee hives everywhere. I want TOPBAR HIVES to be made standard for URBAN POSTAGE STAMP SIZE UK GARDENS ! to provide Natural Built by Bees comb that sells out fast in London alone...and such hives are far less swarm risky in urban areas since the bees are busy building comb in yes small 30 litres size low level boxes of oblong shape but top level easy to open design if secured metal roof attachments added. LET THERE BE HONEY FOR ALL ! lands of Milk and Honey ? well lets forget the factory produced milk of our modern times i say ! LET US GET MORE GOOD QUALITY FRUIT AND VEG into our lives rather than this full of antibiotics intensive factory produced meat  produced from animals in shit conditions that never see the light of day or are able to move in their cramped boxes ! 
Yes final suggsetion...GET THOSE TOP BAR HIVES better ! NOT FLAT ROOVES ! CHEAPER for the flatpack version of MARINE PLYWOOD ! 
I might be able to help with that also ! not that i have built one yet myself but i intend to ! I even want those on my LT lands ! am into that still ja !
WE NEED A CAMPAIN ! not a military one ! seems far too many humans are at it again recently taking nasty actions for that ! no we want to be POSITIVE ! to each other and our fellow creatures ! symbiosis ! mutal benefit !
I like Rod Black bee man of Wales are helping the Blackies make a comeback ! providing them with homes ! hives ! in return they will allow us some propolis honey comb and pollinate our flowers and food !
It is all about WIN WIN ! business  is WIN WIN to be successful ! it is not about RIP OFFS and no returns on investment !
Imagine ! the return on investment of the cost of a UK National hive fully fitted ! some 500 GBP plus package of bees say 300 gbp ! 800 GBP ! honey production and say local sales of 10 kilos of honey in a year at 10 gbp per jar of 500 grams making 200 GBP income per hive for honey from 1 hive in 1 year ! that is not good ! that is AWEFUL ! it is a 4 year return on investment or payback ! does not even take into account the LABOUR cost of supervising the hive and extracting the honey ! ok that is just a days work for extraction but all the same ! 
ok ok, simple honey comb raw is better value sale...i loved the comb cutter i found at Ruthin shop...that is going to be used for my first uk sale ! hey hey ! then of course um havent sorted the PROPOLIS sheet I need to make that simpler than all that scraping off the sides of the hives...that sells for 40 GBP per few grams of powdered form raw propolis and hives can produce up to 1 kilo but that is wishful thinking in a plastic hive of course.
Most of all ! think of the BENEFITS of all this good for health stuff for humans in a world stuffed with antibiotics and full of growing allergies sicknesses etc due to the scheiss we all have to eat nowadays !
The Uk government is far far too interested in filling the pockets of the big boys producing all that rubbish for us in the uk on their over intesive flat east anglia farms using of course even cheaper than the fens labour now not bothered about the gang leaders that own the most expensive houses in London of course keeping the estate agents there happy and filled pockets also...far too much acceptable of such bad practices to support the BEST FOR HEALTH practices and food production that honey and natural smaller scale prducers do far far to better standards and better for the health of the people !
STOP NICOTINOIDS ! how many more TV programes in France recently about the disaster of the bee and honey industry there decimated in the last decades due to all these pesticides used to no real advantage even for the food produced by them !  why is the uk the only eu country not to ban them still ? too busy lining the pockets of the big boys hey that are poisoning us all !
I cease. time to sort my house move out...i came and did several thousand miles to get UK bees that are like golddust so rare nowadays...a little step of a little person but a big step for mankind i say to that !
All the best i say finally and I WANT the best ! for me and others. Please consider.

Here is the picture in a catalogue of so-called DADANT to REAL Dadant hive which is NOT a stack of loose boxes piled on top of each other !

Here is what this must consist of, pieces of boxes with no attachments piled up on top of each is a Natonal Hive separate bits...compared to a SOLID DADANT hive which contains frames and boxes inside. REAL Dadant hive, next to a National Nuc box...which by the way also comes without any HANDLES to carry it ! eeek ! do people not think HANDLES on NUCS even are not USEFUL ? ESSENTIAL even ! 

All these pieces just sit on top of one another ! and slide if slightly moved ! it is a nightmare accident waiting to happen if you try lifting this set of shoe boxes up with bees in it !

The only GOOD component of that National Hive is ? the OPEN MESH WIRE FLOOR ! a VAROE prevention this allows however much air and HUMIDITY into the hive in WET WINTERS in particular...a downside...

POSITIONING AND MOVING OF HIVES...factors to consider...

BEEHIVES should be placed so the entrance for the bees is not dripped water on, not in face on winds either. BEES have a sort of GPS navigation inbult system...they remember positions for entrances to the hive, the hive putting slight distances between hives helps bees orientate themselves, reduces robbing of other hives. Bees notice slight differences in colours or writings on their hives.

Whilst bees when push comes to shove will travel up to 4 miles from their hive, so may also try to return to previous locaton of hive if less than that when is not sensible to put hives all in one place as this creates more commuting travel energy and time for the bees competing for the same flower resources. SPREAD the hives out is best ! comon sense. This also helps prevent SPREAD OF DISEASES f hives are not too close together, a bit like catchng colds from other people if in a close stuffy too close to others office.

PUT DRINKING WATER CLOSE TO HIVE to save bees wasting energy and time flying to drinking water sources. NOT deep dishes bees drink from edges preferably, so a floating landing wood or plastic is useful in any dishes of drinking water put out close to the hives. 

Pictures of Bees in Lithuania during honey harvesting. DO NOT REMOVE ALL HONEY FROM THE HIVES ! this is GREED ! TOO MUCH ROBERY ! leave some honey for the bees in addition to the substitute food given to them to over winter with. HONEY has nutrients etc in it that are not fully understood or replicated by human engineering ! so if bees are dying due to diseases let them have what THEY produce to protect themselves ! Honey contains ANTISEPTICS bees have created ! 

here is what an ORIGINAL BLACK UNITED KINGDOM BEE looks like ! LONGER BODY HAIRS than other bees, better for insulation against heat and cold ? and EARLY RISERS ! ? more so than other bees since more protected against the morning coolness ! ? In the UK a design known as the National Hive is used, a collection of loose boxes stacked on on top of the other without clips to hold them, rather like a leaning tower of Pisa :-) Moving such a hive when full of bees is not recommended. Boxes slide. In addition being tall and not very wide it is much more succeptible to falling over in a strong wind or if animals brush against it. It is good for backyard gardens which are sheltered and not likely to be moved again once bees etc are in it. The smaller the hive also generally the greater the risk of swarming when things get too cramped ...much more checking progress is needed to ensure action is taken to prevent this if using smaller hives. Lifting boxes of course to get at things with a National Hive design is harder work on backs of humans ! cumbersome and awkward. Lifting individual frames easily seen and accessed in a wider topped fixed structure such as a Dadant hive makes things more practical. Just one word of warning to any potential buyers of the UK it is said all apiaries suffer from Varoa mite disease hat damages the wings of the bees so they cannot fly...well that makes life difficult and short for such bees, and if buying bees, no guarantees of being in good health is given, it is buyer beware, and making the components that are needed inside the hives is very time consuming and awkward...and moving a hive or even a nucleus meaning small new colony if in a National design hive is extremely risky for boxes slipping since they are not made with fixtures to hold them in place. Just some useful things to know if perchance not familiar with these issues. As in most things, especially beehives, at least 2 people are needed to do moving of hives.

http://www.dailymail article on British Black Bees rediscovered living wild when thought to be Extinct. 

Oh yes that is a picture of one of my dogs calmy walking in front of many bee bees ignore even the hated by bees dark black colour dogs if not under attack ! my dogs have been stung by bees when their hives were opened and the bees were defending their homes, but generally the dogs are unafraid to walk around the hives knowing the bees only sting in defense and die if they sting so are economical about stinging ! aniamsl are generally not aggressive unless hungry,, under attack or sick. Now in our urban out of touch of nature lives, we no longer face a lion or tiger in our gardens or parks, they are mostly EXTINCT anyway...not even DOGS off leads are liked nowadays in our UNNATURAL wish to sterilise and control totally our environment and restrict the FREEDOM of movement of living creatures ! but maybe some of us are proviledged to still be able to FACE THOUSANDS OF PEACEFUL BEES like Tarzen and Jane of the past ! yes yes ! we can be part of the WILD NATURE with our friends the bees ! 

THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE ! what animal has such a famous piece of music named after it ? next Flintshire Bee Association meeting is to talk about Solitry and Bumble Bees ! in the meanwhile ! enjoy a Chinese Yuja Wang rendering of this buzzing tune by Rimsky Korsakov ! Bees keep warm when there is no sunlight heat by SHIVERING TOGETHER ! maybe our planet needs to learn from the bees in future when our fossil fuels have all been used up in the next couple of generations only ahead ! Bees maintain the hive temperature above 30 DEGREES CELCIUS ! BUSY BEES !

Some Videos of Hive Inspections I was at ! especially the Wales Center for Bees of Bodnant Gardens North Wales ! explanation of BEE BREAD and POLLEN TRAPS video 5 by TONY semi professional beekeeper video 1 short before the smoker used, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5, video 6,

Video 7 ?  7th Heaven !  Happy Bottoms Up Bees !

Wales Bee Center Hive Inspections 7 SEE THE FEEDING FRENZY HAPPY BOTTOMS UP BEES at the end of video on getting FOOD in the form of sugar hey ! Lecturer Mike Lax making us newbies to be beekeepers do things ourselves. My BLACKIE DOG with us calm and at ease with all these bees International Champion bitch Groenendael Belgian Shepherd FEE NOIRE DE LA VALLEE DES SORTILEGES dite Féja. 

Other Videos...especially how to do a hive split by SNELGROVE EXPANSION by Terry Hardman of Flintshire Wales, Cymru and how to tell that a hive has swarmed and is queenless by seeing only Male Drone bees, no egg cells and hatched possible virgin new queen cells... and

19th April 2015 webpage done.    MY BEE PAGE for be expanded....Want some natural HONEYCOMB ? me too ! BUT GUARANTEED FREE OF ANY PESTICIDE TREATMENT FOR VAROE MITE PLEASE ! which is debatable nowadays in the uk since ALL apiaries have this pest apparently ! such poor stock of bees hey ! or has our environment rendered them weak and sick with all the treatments we inflict on them ? do we think a species of wild animal needs human created  chemicals to survive ? 

Now do not expect ANY information on the British Bee Association websites telling you not to use pesticides, bleach etc products...especially NO LINKS here  to petitions to campaign against Pesticides that are confusing the bees contributing to reductions in them as they get HIGH on nicotinoid type drugs in the pesticides so get their brains are affected negatively also by MOBILE PHONE emmissions ! just like smoking ! many governments DENY the harm to our health to protect big business interests ! even CHEMCIALS to treat pests like the Varoe Mite that infects HONEY BEES must be included in the honey we buy and eat in the uk  ! beware is the catchword for al things nowadays to do with food ! not that we know even if the labels are correct for horse or beef meat stuffed also full of antibiotics ! 

BUMBLE BEES ! have been imported also ! to pollinate things ! these being WILD no one can go complain to people keeping honey bees ! like mosquitos, flies etc which will increase as honey bees decrease as farmers use nets to use flies to pollinate drops now there are not enough honey bees around...which then get out and pester us bigtime of course lol !  in fact ...we canot control our environment totally to be free of all these other living organisms around us even in urban areas ! 2 videos of Urban Bumblebees Pulford Chester where we urbanites are like TARZAN AND JANES living with some wildlife left but becoming extinct everywhere on our planet ! Not just Lions and Tigers and Elephants becoming extinct but in the UK all wildlife is reduced by 70 percent in the past 30 years and SNAILS are now a protected species in France so badly have they been affected by pesticides ! BUMBLE BEES OF PULFORD CHESHIRE ! 

The other day, i went for the first time to a PICK YOUR OWN fruit and veg place in the middle of the strawberries I saw some HUGE dandelion leaves, far far bigger than normal ones so for my ducks at home I took some...but ! contrary to their immediate gobbling up of any such SMALLER leaves i bring off roadsides of general non fruit growing fields, my ducks IGNORED these extra big abnormal dandelion leaves for a full 2 days ! now that tells us something...that no need for any scientist reports need to tell us...of COURSE fertilisers have been added to make intensive fruit growing to fields ! of COURSE pesticides and fertilisers affect and enter the food we eat ! eeeek ! well if the DUCKS prefer to not eat these huge dandelion leaves they sense instinctively something wrong and abnormal in them ! but us humans do not know the effects of the chemicals of such intensive treaments ! until we get allergies etc etc dementia etc etc but so decades later who cares ? while the drugs companies have made their profits ! When there is an enemy in front of you point guns we react ! but when poisoned slowley but surely the menace is easier to hide. 

Update 29th July 2015...not found on UK NATIONAL Bee Association Websites but independant press news...

Pesticides in our FOOD and killing BEES continues in the UK to line the pockets of  drugs surprises even HONEY is now pesticide treated in the UK i recently found out ! like smoking, asbestos etc we are told it is not harmful to our health for decades before big business pressures have to accept the truths of independant proof or they go off to make profits in the 3rd world countries. 

The UK government just relaxed the ban on bee-killing pesticides. The only way to overturn the decision is a truly massive public outcry. We can do it if each of us signs and shares the petition on Facebook, email, Twitter... everywhere:


Dear friends,

The government has just allowed bee-killing pesticides to be unleashed across Britain's farms, threatening the butterflies and bugs we rely on to grow our food.

Scientists' warnings got these pesticides banned across the European Union, but the government has caved in to the powerful pesticide industry and the National Farmers Union to let them be used here again. It's up to us to stop this madness -- if we continue to poison our pollinators, the hedgerows, fields and fruit trees of this country will end up silent.  

Overturning a decision like this is going to take an unprecedented number of us speaking up. But we can do it: nearly 3% of British internet users are getting this email. If each of us signs and gets just one friend to sign we can reach 6%, if each of us gets two people, we can reach 9%, etc etc. Sharing the petition online could have the ripple effect we need -- click to sign now and share on Facebook, Twitter, email, everywhere: 

While the rest of Europe has backed a ban and seen their bee numbers are continuing to recover, the farming lobby in Britain has always preferred an industrialised chemical-powered approach to agriculture and with an attitude which says "as long as the yields are good, to hell with the consequences!" 

It's true that some reports show that neonicotinoids can deliver a short-term improvement on harvests, yet if we carry on using these pesticides the wider impact on critical pollinators will be catastrophic. Last Parliament, we saw how frustrated the government can get when presented with evidence-based science, doing all it could to block Europe bee-saving moratorium for pesticide use. Now it wants to go it alone across our green and pleasant lands.

But we know they are nervous -- gagging scientists from speaking out and burying notes from previous meetings. We have also seen how u-turns are possible, with the fox hunting vote killed off -- but that was only possible because a petition went completely viral with thousands of people sharing with their friends and family. Let's do it this time for the bees. Sign the petition and share it now everywhere you can think: 

Two years ago, Avaaz members across Europe came together to introduce the first continent wide-ban on neonicotinoids. Let's do it again and get rid of these crazy poisons in the UK once and for all.

With hope and determination,

Sam, Nick, Luis, Antonia, Lisa and the whole Avaaz team

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ah ! i see for first time today end of July 2015 that the UK beekeeping forum blocks even postings or reading of posts on the subject of PESTICIDES AND BEES ! oh well ! no need to go there for information hey !  freedom of speech is even blocked on this subject ! and there you have it ! i thought only sex and violence were CENSORABLE SPEECH TOPICS IN THE UK  ! now i discover BEE PESTICIDES are too ! 

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. “ Greek Proverb on website of bees...