20 July 2010 onwards...The Thoughts of Chairperson not Mao, but hey any garden gnome as a figurehead will do - me - Nana Obcarskaite.

Our SELF CREATED... THROW AWAY SOCIETY. Means our OCEANS are DEPLETED of FISH AND WILDLIFE, PLANTS from POLLUTION we create. DOGS are DISCARDED when they no longer SUIT OUR LIFESTYLES or are not pretty little pups anymore or badly brought up by us so unmanageable but WE WANTED something fancy at the time hey ! We play at BREEDING like RUSSIAN ROULETTE thinking SOMEONE ELSE can take this lot ! "superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira, acedia" some LATIN for the LATINS that have FORGOTTEN IT ! the 7 DEADLY SINS/VICES ! see below for them in ENGLISH ! LOL ! :-)

As a dog owner over 40 years ago and since childhood of various breeds and then a huge GAP while i was busy travelling around working all over the place before I took on another longed for dog as a companion and working aid again but of MY OWN this time...it has been useful for me to reflect and review how the world we live in has changed since those days and what FUTURE we and our dogs have. I SHARE my thoughts. You decide.

There were no dog classes as standard for ordinary pet owners then. Only the rich or fancy did that. Normal people had dogs they took everywhere with them, holidays, hotels, camping to friends in bars and restaurants. We all managed our dogs as we felt best, were delighted with them on the whole. Yes we spanked them, SOMETIMES ! RARELY ! some idiots did that of course more than others out of sadistic pleasure as humans can do to each other I say and THAT will NEVER change no matter HOW MANY REASONABLES are EDUCATED at DOG SCHOOLS as the UNREASONABLES obviously DO NOT GO THERE ! or register their dogs !

The world now ? is a much more CLOSED to DOGS world in hotels, campsites even more, bars, restaurants, shops. Some countries like France are more backward and follow trends like banning smoking in bars etc later than other more advanced countries of course, so at the time of writing this, July 2010, it is still possible to go INSIDE BARS and RESTAURANTS in France with dogs. Some ABUSE is given yes as and opening statements as is the French impolite way of addressing strangers often nowadays can be heard if the dog is not on a lead I add.

Just as PEOPLE, HUMANS have become naturally nowadays QUICK TO CRITICISE AGGRESSIVELY strangers for the slightest possible and supported by a petty rule issue...DOGS also I find less prevalent on the streets off leads or in public and those that are ? tend to be in my view MORE FRUSTRATED and AGGRESSIVE towards other dogs often causing problems yes.

FULL of PROBLEM DOGS apparently to see the FORUMS and DOG PSYCHOLOGISTS and TRAINERS and NEW IDEAS in NEW BOOKS written by EXPERTS for us to all worry about !

We now have our dogs on LEADS more than ever before, find DOGSHIT everywhere that means even PUBLIC PARKS ban our dogs due to unsocial unclean behaviour of some dog owners.

We have a range of MODERN DRY FOOD stuffs that are mostly vegetarian produced scientific food, nothing wrong with vegetarian I say, convenient, non smelling. I find my pup LESS AGGRESSIVE when eating more vegetable type foods, so am favourable to this foodstuff that is also prepared to have all vitamins etc needed without having to do cooking etc myself. AS WELL AS A VERY GOOD PLANET REASON...MEAT PRODUCTION ? is KILLING PEOPLE ! we use WATER and LAND for FEEDING ANIMALS as FOOD far too much...the FARTS of COWS create even ozone issues !!! LOL ! that was funny to learn. We CANNOT sustain the population of our world on MEAT to the extent that the RICH INDULGENT and getting anyway cancers from RED MEAT do.

We have an ARRAY of ELECTRONIC SHOCK TREATMENT to stop BARKING and CHOKE COLLARS with spikes to try unsuccessfully make our dogs walk to heel better or not bark non stop.

Stories of DOGS BITING AND DISFIGURING children abound in the press also. List of DANGEROUS SO CALLED BREEDS have been tried yet the bites do not reduce, as it is not those breeds but dogs GENERALLY that can bite badly.

Evidence of CHILDREN having been BLINDED by the DISEASES that are contained in invisible bacteria, worms that last months in DOGSHIT IN PUBLIC PARCS, not adding the many SEE THE DOCTOR for all sorts of UNIDENTIFIED ILLNESSES kids etc suffer from when being CLOSE to the GROUND where DOGSHIT IS they BREATH it in and even EAT it touching, tasting as the young do.

LESS TOLERANT SOCIETY of even SEEING a dog off a lead makes people AGGRESSIVE towards any that are whether they behave badly or not. As well I say as a PATHOLOGICAL DISTRESS SIGNAL of their need to be TAKEN NOTICE OF...yes...people like that...NEED ATTENTION and the ONLY WAY they can get it is by AGGRESSING someone using some PETTY usually rule they dig up to do so but not actually HAVING THE AUTHORITY to enforce it...so that INCREASES their FRUSTRATION therefore AGGRESSION...back to the dogshit issue...

Those that do not pick up their dogshit are NOT aggressed generally as they are nasty people who those aggressing would not like to be challenged by...they AVOID those...as they are usually COWARDS and BULLIES out of their feelings of INADQUACIES...back to the people who ARE aggressed for picking up their dogshit...

Those that are seen picking up their dogshit are aggressed and yelled at yes...just 2 days ago on a FRENCH 'AUFEMININ FORUM' I sympathised with a chap saying this upset him. Any REASONABLE person with a WELL BEHAVED dog that is NOT on a lead will be AGGRESSED by such idiots with inadequacies and personal problems I say yes.

New Fangled GURUS come out with new ideas telling us that our dogs are NOT PACK  ANIMALS anymore and just want to be "part of the team" in a household so let's not get all DOMINANT over them or think they can be dominant to us or other dogs anymore.  Let us NEVER SPANK them for anything as that will make them AFRAID so DANGEROUS or AGGRESSIVE and TURN ON US later one day.

All POPPYCOK and SAD I say...and MISSING ESSENTIAL POINTS !...besides the ADDITIONAL point I make that DOGS can suffer and CHANGE BEHAVIOUR due to ILLNESS that is PHYSICAL OR MENTAL - and they can BECOME MENTAL or ILL without us KNOWING IT ! and there is NO ADEQUATE TREATMENT for the VARIETY of possible mental illnesses dogs might suffer from...they DO NOT SPEAK ! so how are we going to know how to treat - schizophrenia, dementia, alzheimers, paranoia, psychosis, neuroses, psychopathy etc ? where is the LIST OF DOG MENTAL ILLNESSES ? and the INBREEDING has INCREASED the NERVOUSNESS of some breeds I say more PRONE therefore to MENTAL INSTABILITY !

It is OUR SOCIETY - US that is the main problem. WE CREATE the WORLD WE HAVE by our ATTITUDES and GREED and VANITY (ALL is VANITY) some of the 7 DEADLY SINS...OK the others are ?  PRIDE - similar to VANITY I say - LUST - similar to GREED I say - SLOTH  = LAZINESS = SELFISHNESS I say and ANGER - now ANGER I have an issue with as a SIN or VICE as ok I say if down due to VANITY offended that one gets ANGRY but RIGHTEOUS ANGER ? the CHRIST HAD THAT HIMSELF ! so ? as an ACCOUNTANT that I am would say..."it depends !"

GREED and VANITY here I claim responsible vices mostly I think and the NATURAL SELFISHNESS and INABILITY and UNWILLINGNESS to "SERVE" of people who prefer to say...is is SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM ! and LOVE TO BLAME GOVERNMENTS or OTHERS for anything. PRINCE CHARLES of WALES Motto is 'ich dien' German for 'I SERVE' I add that is what RULERS, LEADERS, managers, anyone in a position of POWER or AUTHORITY whether a President or Road Sweeper or Police, public servant etc. need to do to set an example not PRANCE AROUND ARROGANTLY towards others !

The "TOPCAT SYNDROME" affects anyone with a fancy title of course. Those at the 'TOP' of whatever minor office they have, preceive themselves as TOPCATS and too often tend to behave arrogantly. I call it the "traffic warden syndrome" puffing like a rattle snake about their TITLE is a pain in the butt hey...we have all experienced the "PRESIDENT OF STICKING NOTICES UP ABOUT NOT SPITTING AROUND THE SWIMMING POOL" type of persons or persons who say they are "friends" with such a person to impress you...as there are around this Golf Appartment complex who do not even INTRODUCE themselves with EVIDENCE of their claims politely to a complete stranger, expecting others not to LAUGH at the TITLE and BELIEVE they are "IMPOTENT" missing out of course for FUN the "R" in that word... but launch into an exocet type behaviour spitting verbal abuse in a Napoleonic fashion at one.

Now a REAL TOPCAT ? purr purr...ron ron..murkti murkti...is ?


To a puffed up toad, .....excuse me...

I digress a moment off at a tangent...that is FRENCH TYPICAL...CARTESIAN thinking it is called....diverging off...but I will return to finish the sentence...excuse me being FRENCH THINKER !

OOH AND I READ books and saw the GREATEST FILMS with ANIMALS in them that were and will ALWAYS BE again and again REFRESHERS a DELIGHT !!! the GREAT NOVEL by KENNETH GRAHAME called "THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS" to read about TOAD OF TOAD HALL ! a puffed up arrogant TOAD !!! LOL !!! now ok, like MANY GOOD BOOKS about ANIMALS including I say "LES FABLES DE LA FONTAINE" and "AESOPS FABLES" this book has what is technically called ...anthropomorphism....the attribution of HUMAN characteristics to ANIMALS to make a point...like DISNEY does in BAMBI and others...WINNIE THE POOH by A.A. Milne, RIN-TIN-TIN, The Lone Ranger, Lassie Come Home, Helen Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Peter Rabbit...animals are given motives, thinking of humans to make points....but THE POINTS ARE GOOD LESSONS i say ! and no we are NOT STUPID to think animals think like that reading them !!! but it is FUN and USEFUL ! SNOPPY IN A BAD MOOD ! CHARLES SCHULZ !

In such yes HUMAN IMAGINATIVE and ARTISTIC and KIND mostly films and books...with positive messages about the NATURE of ANIMALS that are NICE or GOOD as EXAMPLES to HUMANS for qualities and lessons we can learn from such stories...animals are the MESSENGERS ! which they are in their NATURAL ways too I say ! see the FILM too ..."THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY" British born Canadian author Sheila Burnford of dogs and cat travelling a long distance home when the humans had moved...The story is set in the northwestern part of Ontario, Canada which has many lakes, rivers, and widely dispersed small farms and towns,magnificent for scenery too film.

Dr DOOLITTLE  by Hugh Lofting books and film are SUCH FUN !...the film is such fun...the doctor is an IRISHMAN at heart !! LOL ! " life is full of fantasy and let's hope it will always be !"  THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A RIN TIN TIN ! the World's most FAMOUS German Shepherd dog !!! http://www.rintintin.com/ and SCOOBY DOO !"scooby scobby do...where are you ? we need some help from you now !! "


http://transitionculture.org/2008/08/28/basil-brush-goes-organic-boom-boom/ BASIL BRUSH GOES ORGANIC !!! 100 MONTHS TO SAVE THE PLANET !


the TITLE PRESIDENT is SO Popular in France nowadays for all sorts of jobs or posts. Goodness knows what these people ACTUALLY DO ? certainly not pick up the DOGSHIT that particular idiot I have in mind should do for the FEES they are PAID by RESIDENTS of FLATS they are SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE A SERVICE TO ! dirty WORD that to them..."SERVICE" ! they get ANNOYED if you mention it...they prefer to ORDER us around on 2 page memos they stick up on notice boards no one reads as no one else can put even a WANNA SELL MY CARPET postcard up there...to "DO NOT SPIT AROUND THE SWIMMING POOL" instead !!! I do wonder sometimes...why it is necessary to even WRITE such things as that...what a DISGUSTING thing to do...obviously the SEILH GOLF RESIDENCES in TOULOUSE FRANCE have people that SPIT !!! around swimming pools ! logical to deduce that hey !

titles like that ? seem to inflate egos ! One has to laugh...to not let these stuck up prats get to us. After all, as I point out to them, if they AGGRESS me VERGALLY suddenly out of the blue when i am walking somewhere ...with some ORDER or OFFENSIVE comment to me...not even INTRODUCING themselves in MY view POLITELY meaning ? you SHOW YOUR PAPERS...GIVE YOUR NAME OR NUMBER to ANYONE you DARE try even to GIVE AND ORDER TO ! I take orders yes...FROM THOSE I RESPECT who HAVE THE RIGHT to give me orders that I ACCEPT ! NOT STRANGERS ! my teachers, parents, when I was a CHILD taught me DO NOT SPEAK TO STRANGERS ! so ? who are these idiots ? that IMMEDIATELY speak AGGRESSIVELY to me without me even knowing them ? what DO they EXPECT as a response ? FEAR ? that is what it seems they would like to see in me yes ! but ...they WILL NOT SEE THAT IN ME ! so ? they feel BAD and UNHAPPY with any response I make or do not make to their UNPLEASANT approches to me .

Now I add, to FEAR are varied. IT IS A USEFUL EMOTION - that all Now I add, that FEAR is a GENETIC thing that is not the same in all individuals. The hormones, genes etc that give a propensity to FEAR are varied. IT IS A USEFUL EMOTION - that all animals and humans feel - as it PROTECTS us from FALLING OFF CLIFFS etc. taking too many RISKS. HOWEVER. THOSE with LESS of it ? are USEFUL just as the GENETICS of SELF SACRIFICE are ALSO different in individuals, society, our world, NEEDS THE MIX - those that WILL FIGHT for others and THOSE THAT WILL NOT ! otherwise ? we would be all KAMIKAZES ! or GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY ! DIE FOR OTHERS ! ANIMALS have the SAME VARIATIONS I add...intended for them to SURVIVE ! some FIGHT for the pack...OTHERS NURTURE...it is a DIVISION OF DUTIES !

Back to discussing BULLIES like the TOPCAT PUFFED UP TOAD humans....now such people are FEARFUL I say...they fear LOSS OF MONEY, IMAGE or whatever...so ? they BULLY AGGRESSIVELY those these perceive are a THREAT to them for those things THEY value. The PROBLEM comes, when they face a NON FEARFUL of those values person, with NATURAL NON FEAR. WHY ? because yes, those persons are KAMIKAZE and BRAVE and will STOP AT NOTHING as they do not FEAR LOSING whatever it is the aggressor thinks they might fear....and more importantly...they can be VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS to take on ! why ? because their FIGHTING INSTINCTS are GREATER than the COWARDS ! and their SKILLS - cunning - and PERSISTENCE will OUTPERFORM ! to find out WHAT MOTIVATES THEM ? is a WASTE OF TIME I say...it is INSTINCT...and that is STRONGER THAN ANY OTHER MOTIVATION in a HUMAN OR A DOG ! and petty PERSONAL disputes or distractions, will NOT DIVERT THEM from their MISSION or INSTINCTS ! Only a NEW MISSION or OBSESSION from INSTINCT will divert them onto another trail ! :-)

Continuing my normal responses to puffed up toad human types...I generally let them know...that I like anyone am under NO OBLIGATION to LISTEN or talk to you unless YOU MAKE A PROPER AGREED BY ME APPOINTMENT with me - and how do I know that you are not just some ESCAPED PRISONER or MENTAL CASE that has just forgotten to take your HAPPY PILLS or medication today ? they always catch you on the way to the toilets or something more urgent...I am TOO BUSY to stop and listen to your vitriolic showing off rants due possibly to whatever it is your wife did not provide you in bed last night with or whatever is bugging you ! LOL !! ;-) often as simple as that hey !

MODERN STRESS is now a PANACEA as an EXCUSE for all our bad behaviour of course. In the past, as in the film "Crocodile Dundee", if you had a problem, you went to the bar and told it to Wally, who then told everyone else, who laughed at you and talked about it, then you had no problem. Nowadays, we do not have friends in bars that we also pop in to each other's homes to occasionally informally and get some sugar off without any fuss or embarassement when we run out instead of waiting until Tuesday when the shops open again after a 2 days shut. We sit in bars "looking good" with one or two people we do know saying "bonjour" if we have to to anyone else but being careful as sex could be on the cards as a reason for talking to say a woman in a bar in France alone - not a common sight if not known to the people around. We do not know the NAMES of our neighbours we live next door to for years in flats in particular but most places now, but say "bonjour/Bonsoir" if caught in uncomfortably close proximity to us in a lift or going through a door to us to be POLITE and avoid anything else, the barmen, grocer etc does not know our names or we theirs either. If the till attendant has a NAME BADGE it certainly isn't to introduce you to her home or a chat once your goods are paid for ! LOL !

BEWARE those that claim saying BONJOUR/BONSOIR have a nice day as STANDARD are NICE PEOPLE....ooh yes...careful...the very same people who open doors for you and use those kindda STANDARD one off statements with Cheshire Cat grins on their faces ? can be PSYCHOPATHS ! meaning ? they can as EASILY one day AGGRESS you with VERBAL ABUSE and THREATS of the police etc if you do not tell them which floor of the lift the carpark is on or do not return their bland statements ! and will NEVER be around of course or PASS BY YOU saying those empty words if you have a HUGE NUMBER OF BAGS to carry up many flights of stairs as the lift is BROKEN !!! LOL !!!

Let me explain, without claiming to be an EXPERT in psychology so UPSET as I do EXPERTS so called in DOGS with DIPLOMAS in whatever with my views on dogs etc....that a PSYCHOPATH...and there are many forms...is a person who is VERY CLEVER at PUTTING ON THE SOCIALLY REQUIRED BEHAVIOUR needed to APPEAR NORMAL and usually EXTREMELY POLITE outwardly to others in public. HOWEVER ! a PSYCHOPATH places NO VALUE on other people...is TOTALLY SELFISH...has NO EMPATHY for others at all..so is a DANGEROUS POTENTIAL KILLER...these types...make GOOD SALESMEN I add...when their DEVIANT behaviour is DIVERTED/SUBLIMATED into acceptable social activities. Or are just "minor" psychopaths. HR departments look out for them. They are the people with LOADSA parking fines often also. They "buck the system" as a game wherever possible in secret. ENJOY it...it is CONTINUAL SENSATION of PLEASURE that DRIVES them.

Now one can be GENETICALLY a psychopath from birth and develop it later as an adult, or, experiences of life can mentally affect us so that we BECOME ill and display the behaviour type of such an illness. SOME SOCIETIES are said to be MORE SELFISH than others...SPOILT/OVERINDULGED PAMPERED CHILDREN GENERALLY BECOME SELFISH ADULTS ! spoiling children, as ROUSSEAU described in EDUCATION OF EMILE novel/book said...DO NOT PROMISE YOUR CHILD ANYTHING IT WANTS...because one day...it will ASK AND WANT THE MOON from you and you will not be able to provide it...and THEN it will TURN ON YOU YES ! and be a NUISSANCE TO SOCIETY EVERYONE INCLUDING ITSELF ! or words to that effect...excuse me...I am a harsh person...i put things harshly. Rousseau did it better. SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD is an ENGLISH shorter PROVERB on the same line of thinking I believe. SOME correction, DISCIPLINE makes children grow into HAPPIER ADULTS I believe. MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT - as HAPPINESS is SUBJECTIVE - the WORLD IS A SAFER MORE CIVILISED PLACE TO LIVE IN ! when people do NOT HOOT AT WILL at other cars simply because they are not going as fast as THEY would like !

ARE THERE DOG PSYCHOPATHS ? are the EXTREMELY FRIENDLY DOGS to people latent hidden PSYCHOS ? well I DO NOT THINK SO ! I think there is mental illness in dogs yes, but HUMANS FAR OUTPERFORM due to their HIGHER INTELLIGENCE ! LOL !!! :-)

Those humans or dogs who have TEMPERS occasionally...are EASY TARGETS to be told or accused of INSANITY or ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR....ooh non...BEWARE THE PSYCHOPATH i say...that one ? will CONTROL ANY TEMPER PERFECTLY and act IN SECRET for aggression anit-social behaviour ! and no, our DOGS are not GREAT PLANNERS for that I say !!! LOL !! :-)

One of my best experiences, was in the lift to the carpark at Heathrow airport - a highly stressed puffing as in a hurry of course as one has to be seen to be man/toad gets in the lift with me, sees me staring at the buttons and SNARLS a quesion at me asking WHICH LEVEL is the CARPARK ? no "please" involved...I did not turn around to look at him being busy trying to work it out myself...and he YELLED AT ME screaming " I AM SPEAKING TO YOU ! LOOK AT ME ! " now THAT is ABUSIVE - and VERY COMMON nowadays - and can be FRIGHTENING but it is meant to INTIMIDATE you - I spun round and WARNED him quietly hissing like the BLACK PANTHER cat that I can be...yes CATS that HISS like SNAKES frighten even DOGS...they SCRATCH YOUR EYES out age 4 weeks old fearlessly if you get too close...that if he TOUCHED me or came any closer to me as he was stepping towards me I would kill him and he would NOT REACH WHEREVER THE CARPARK WAS and I WAS NOT A LIFT ATTENDANT, HEATHROW like all airports DOES NOT HAVE ANY, I WAS A PASSENGER like him and ENTITLED TO NOT BE SPOKEN TO BY A PRAT LIKE THAT OR HAVE TO LOOK AT HIM OR ANSWER HIM ! ....Strewth..he was as FRIGHTENED AS A MOUSE IN FRONT OF A TIGRESS ! he SHUT UP ! Bullies often talk about GETTING THE POLICE onto you too of course when they fail to impress you.

Of course it is HIGHLY FASHIONABLE and EXPECTED even of ANYONE in ANY RESPONSIBLE or to be taken seriously position - to be seeing a SHRINK - psychologist - psychiatrist - for all the PROBLEMS one has dealing with life. Like ? getting stressed that one has laddered the last pair of tights/stockings, does not have a clean pair of underwear as the washing machine broke down and it is HELL getting a plumber - so one needs - COUNSELLING and MEDICATION to deal with such AWEFUL things. France for example, has the highest percentage of population on the PLANET on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS ! ooh si ! for a nation that PROMOTES ? "JOIE DE VIVRE !" joy of living ! that I say is the problem...EVERYONE is EXPECTED to be HAPPY so if not happy ALL THE TIME - you must HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS and need HAPPY PILLS etc and above all - be able to get SYMPATHY and impress your friends that you see some FANTASTIC shrink !

Other people, in other parts of the world, have REAL problems, like NO DRINKING WATER - never mind the PLUMBERS ! but I am SURE if they reached higher living standards  - they would get...STRESS just like us hey ! Now that does not mean, as logically it would seem following on from that, that FRANCE has the world's highest living standards materially - but all that MEDICATION taken above average costs the State therefore the WORKERS meaning TAXPAYERS a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY - so THAT causes STRESS as TAKE HOME PAY is considered LESS THAN WISHED for - and THAT of course causes ENORMOUS STRESS as we ALL need to EMPATHISE with ! LOL !

This is the World we live in hey !

We all tend to like to think and say EVERYONE ELSE IS ANTI-SOCIAL, IMPOLITE, MAD, A FILTHY FOREIGNER that should not have been alowed in, AN UNEDUCATED unable to USE THE LANGUAGE properly person etc. not us ! These are the FIRST LINES OF ATTACK used when we disagree with anything anyone else thinks or says - or as I think we are just EMBARASSED and UNABLE to say - yes - they have a point - because we are COWARDS and like an EASY LIFE.

We humans think and behave as if saying "BONJOUR, BONSOIR, HAVE A NICE DAY" makes it ALL RIGHT and us GREAT POLITE PEOPLE ! crap I say to that...it takes MORE THAN THOSE EMPTY EASY TO SAY WORDS said anyway to mostly seem to LOOK GOOD OURSELVES as a reason for saying them I SAY !

Our dogs ? are in need of fancy treatments according to these GURUS rather than adequate exercise and our care and ATTENTION adequately as we drive everywhere and our kids prefer motor quads and horses instead of using their feet and legs for exercise with the companionship of dogs to enjoy instead. We would rather spend 2 hours running on an electronic treadmill inside an air conditioned escalator entrance fancy GYM with a fancy name to talk to our associates about with pride than go for a walk along the river or a run or simple walk about.

MY PUP - now this interests me more than all that worldly "big picture" stuff that many people wanting an EASY LIFE not getting involved in trying to CHANGE anything bad they complain about  saying is such a big problem that individuals cannot change it...we have apparently to wait for our GOVERNMENT LEADERS to do so, whom we seem to despise generally to read and listen to much around, so I fail to see the point in mulling over that too much - I say - if we do not make 1 small action ourselves for a better world, "waiting for Godot" to do so (a novel by Harold Pinter by the way) is a waste of our time and life.

My pup, as I was saying, showed early on signs I consider from seeing videos and films of them on "National Geographic" type magazines etc as well as some experience of them rarely nowadays of course seen as very TIMID in the wild....to be latent  WOLF instincts - animal instincts in my view yes. HOWEVER she COPIES CATS and HUMANS too ! and has various traits that tens of thousands of years of SELECTION for breed types is evident ! like ? well she is shepherd breed...so has an unpleasant if you are just trying to have a walk in a parc habit of ROUNDING people up - circling when out walking - when a small pup this got in the way of my feet when walking. 

Then she tends to NIP ankles and inner legs...what sheepdogs do to animals they round up. As a child, CORGIS were the terrors one heard about for that, the QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd favorite dogs !!! LOL !!! now those are SMALL dogs, close to the ground bred easier to bite ankles of HUGE CATTLE !

The PROTECTIVE instincts to GUARD that sheepdogs and other dogs have been selected to improve those traits of are also evident in my pup from as SOON as she arrived in her new home age 8 weeks old ! she BARKS and GROWLS at strange outside sounds, knocks on the door, strangers coming to her territory. Now I know that WOLVES and modern unfortunately bred in my view HYBRIDS do NOT guard like that, they have NO GUARDING of PERSON CATTLE OR PROPERTY of their owners instincts. These things must have been TRAINED and then SELECTED over the tens of thousands of years by humans wanting those traits. All WOLVES do that is possibly useful to humans is HUNT ! so they are DANGEROUS around CHILDREN that RUN and fall down naturally and do a great deal of shrieking too - that brings out the PREDATOR KILL instinct out in the WOLF which is just NATURAL FOOD need instinct not nastiness I say.

Wolves are WILD not USED over tens of thousands of years like dogs to HUMANS and being with them - so like ALL WILD ANIMALS they are AFRAID of us...and FEAR makes them AGGRESSIVE if approached. FEAR also makes them UNSUITABLE companions out in public on leads or whatever. FEAR makes them UNSUITABLE GUARD dogs too. Not that they have the TRAINING or SELECTION that DOGS have had over tens of thousands of years to DEFEND anything but THEIR things like FOOD I say.

FEAR in DOGS makes them BITE too to DEFEND themselves I think in their minds. It is FOOLISH in my view, and EXPERIENCE to think we can REMOVE THE NATURAL FEAR of a creature like a WOLF or anything WILD like that easily without many generations as happened for dogs.

I HAD A FOX ! from BIRTH  - BLIND 4 weeks old - I brought it up in a SUBURBAN HOUSE with other dogs, cat and rabbit and ferret even...yes he did eat my pet mouse...I was not fast enough to prevent that unfortunately....and I can telll you...I could WALK that fox on a lead yes, but it was UNCOMFORTABLE walking in open spaces, kept close to walls etc. and was TERRIFIED of other humans on the way...would STINK of FEAR as he CLUNG to me for protection...yes he trusted me...and NEVER BIT...and he ACCEPTED not eating my other pets....but his INSTINCTS once he was MATURE age 1 year old ? made him UNHAPPY with me...he needed the WIDE OPEN SPACES - the night - and I could NOT release him into the wild then - he had NOT LEARNT TO HUNT from me obviously - so would have DIED of hunger or worse still come CLOSE to HUMANS and SCAVANGED their homes etc and been a MENACE to them. I READ and saw the FILMS of the TRUE STORY of ELSA THE LIONESS by Joy Adamson "BORN FREE, LIVING FREE, FOREVER FREE" accounts of how a TAMED LIONESS was with DIFFICULTY taught to hunt and live in the wild again ! not easy ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDAWzv2wbBw and the beautiful MUSIC and SONG of the film...the LOVE STORY between JOY AND ELSA..and ELSA LOVED JOY too yes I say. ELSA came BACK time and time again...to the humans she had grown to love....brought her CUBS to them...until one day...she was FOREVER FREE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUM6Miqc4fA

I love  this video of ANDY WILLIAMS singing the wordhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qBK4RRpouQis worthiving because you're born FREE ! stay free...let no walls divide you..."

I have, as some others, met HYBRID WOLVES that are DANGEROUS loose in nature by themselves having been ABANDONED by their human owners as they become DIFFICULT to MANAGE once mature...that are a MENACE as they have learnt about humans living with them...and will ATTACK for FOOD more aggressively than a natural wild wolf. It is in my view...VANITY and STUPIDITY to wish for a WILD ANIMAL like that as a pet as they also become VERY UNHAPPY unlike our HUMANISED over tens of thousands of years DOGS that actually LIKE our company when not able to ROAM FOR MILES/KILOMETERS free at nights hunting sniffing and howling...yes our dogs do NOT HOWL much like wolves and WOLVES DO NOT BARK much like dogs.

I like many, LOVE the WILDNESS of animals, their BEAUTY, their INSTINCTS but I have to accept...that to FORCE them to LIVE CLOSE to me, in my MODERN WORLD deprived of the FREEDOM that their instincts so STRONG in them due to not having had GENERATIONS of humanising does to them ? makes them SO UNHAPPY that I cannot BEAR to see them penned up, in closed in fences, leaping and frustrated with soulful eyes that tear my soul also to see their needs and wishes to BE FREE out there. If you are BORN INTO CAPTIVITY - and know nothing else - then it is possible maybe not to KNOW what alternative life there is...but the instincts make them suffer I believe. We have all SEEN the SELF BITTEN OFF FEATHERS of PARROTS whose wings are cut to stop them flying off away from cages etc...dogs that BITE their tails going round and round frantically or just CHEWING themselves....budgies birds and other animals pacing and rocking side to side...all signs I say of PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE done by CAPTIVITY and FRUSTRATION. Only ZOOS and SAFARI PARKS have adequate SPACE for such animals I believe...the BACKYARD in suburbia or in the country is JUST TOO SMALL.

The future ? the HUNTING of WILD ANIMALS by HUMANS that enjoy it as a SPORT or for IVORY etc FASHION needs - has made ZOOS and SAFARI PARKS the SAFEST places for wild animals to even have a CHANCE OF NON EXTINCTION in my view. Letting wild BEARS and wild WOLVES out in our mountains and forests where we walk for holidays, live not far from ? oooh I think that is a recipy for DISASTER most of all for the wild animals - the sheep of farmers get EATEN by them as human hunters have REDUCED the amount of NATURAL food other than that for them...and they can ATTACK HUMANS too for the same reasons.

And - ok I know...never start a sentence starting with AND gramatically incorrect...allow it me...AND there will ALWAYS BE HUMANS who LOVE FOR VANITY or PREHISTORIC HUMAN HUNTER INSTINCTS ALSO in us to HUNT AND KILL WILD ANIMALS ! instead of buying them at the supermarket or shops ! and the REST of us ? we DO NOT COMPLAIN ENOUGH about the TERRIBLE CONDITIONS that our FACTORY PRODUCED MEAT animals endure with NO SPEECH or ABILITY TO ESCAPE such TORTURE until they are KILLED for our food ! why ? why should we TORTURE what we EAT during their short lives ? for a MORE DELICATE TASTE FOR US TO ENJOY CHEAPLY ? is THAT what we are ? because yes I say...WE are the TORTURERS when we BUY such meat produced like that...it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH or TRUTHFUL to say...it is the FACTORY FARMERS that are to blame ! WE !! WE BUY IT !

Humans have in my view TRANSFERRED THEIR AGGRESSIVE PREDATOR INSTINCTS with no actual HUNTING for FOOD needs to deal with onto OTHER HUMANS !!! in more MODERN WAYS ! like ? yelling and shouting at each other ! LOL ! this is my view. GO PLAY A GAME OF SQUASH...go RUN A FEW HOURS....go FIND OTHER OUTLETS to POSITIVELY EXPEND that AGGRESSION DRIVE in humans I suggest ! SUBLIMATION ! excuse me using a psychologists technical word here..but I LIKE THIS WORD VERY MUCH !!! "SUBLIMATION" ALTERNATIVES are needed...to STOP our NATURAL DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCTS !!! and we talk about DOGS BITING BEING A PROBLEM ? take a CLOSER LOOK AT OUR HISTORY ! take a look at the way we get HOOTED and RAGED AT in cars in ANGER if we do not DRIVE FAST ENOUGH for the IMPATIENT IDIOT wanting to BURN MORE FUEL and show off with speed behind us !!!

My pup LOVES chewing and BITING in FUN - me in particular. Luckily she does NOT bestow this AFFECTIONATE BEHAVIOUR in her mind I think on strangers, but it is an issue, as unlike a LITTER MATE I do NOT have hair to cover my sensitive skin ! LOL ! but she DOES LICK MY WOUNDS TOO !

HOARDING things in "nests" she creates like my shoes, clothes, her toys in effect - forget all those fancy expensive toys, what my pup loves more than those are things that SMELL OF ME ! so I let her have old shoes etc.

She scratches a great deal before settling down to sleep.

Likes to sleep UNDER something like a low table.

Likes to go to the toilet OUTSIDE of her living area.

Behaves more aggressively when eating raw meat and even drags and tries to bury food that is RAW MEAT that she does not finish which she does not do to the modern dry food biscuits she leaves in her bowl and does not even like much in preference to WARM WET food. Best to SOAK the dry stuff for that I found. She eats rice and pasta with gusto, fruits, icecream, eggs, milk and grass when out if she is allowed TIME to do so.

Her NATURAL BIORYTHYMS to use a techie modern word...are to NOT be so active in the DAYTIME as EVENING TIME. I view this as WILD WOLF instincts of tens of thousands of years ago remnant. HOT DAYS are like the expression says...ONLY MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN GO OUT IN THE MID-DAY SUN !

HUNGER - TIREDNESS - ILLNESS both PHYSICAL and MENTAL makes animals more AGGRESSIVE as a norm. Bad tempered even. DOGS have MOODS like all animals I think. My pup has in my view shown signs of aggression when HUNGRY and TIRED in particular. I did NOT get aggression from her when she was stung by nettles, upset tummy or earache. She seemed in fact to UNDERSTAND that I and the Vets were trying to help her when messing around with her....did not try to bite us when hurting her examining her. This I would have found natural defensiveness on the part of an injured creature, I myself am TERRIBLE if I have so much as a COLD ! a NASTY BAD TEMPERED PERSON ! LOL !

She is naturally very SOCIAL in that she ENJOYS by wagging her tail and approaching to be stroked and in return flatten her ears looking up and tail wagging at a human and yes sniff and lick unfortunately in embarassing yes places of the body sometimes as the smells there are interesting to her if strong...if she is given positive signals from other people and dogs she meets outside. CHILDREN she has a totally different behaviour with also. Just as ADULT dogs behave DIFFERENTLY generally towards PUPPIES. NOT ALL ! some animals in the wild...MALE LIONS for example...will EAT their own young if given a chance !

She protects by barking and making aggressive gestures her own home or anywhere she feels is her territory.

She can OVER EXERCISE without stopping for her own health and good often in heat or just overdoing it if she is thrown non stop the ball she has instinctively loved to run after and bring back to me since day 1 on arrival here in the first 5 minutes of being in a new home aged 8 weeks old.

She has suffered from ear infections, stomach upsets from natural experiences of heat, over eating cherries, just infections from maybe dogshit she even tried to eat initially and I had to HIT her once to stop her as I had STARVED her I believe WRONGLY to try and FORCE her to eat her dry foods and she turned aggressively on me...the ear infection was

Due to POLLUTION that is part of life in our rivers, seas and lakes that have petrol/oil motorised things and sewage etc in them more than ever before in our history due to population growth and modern life.  The Mediterranean sea is the most POLLUTED sea on the planet I have read, mostly closed in sea. What is the POINT of claiming some little beaches are cleaned up when the ENTIRE SEA is filthy ?

We buy dogs, with no real guarantees that their BREEDING or MORE IMPORTANTLY their HEALTH is known or the diseases of the past known and documented independantly and reliably. We do not SEE any VETERINARY HEALTH PAPERS and tests done. They are not shown on websites, at visits or on any dog society or veterinary central records databases.

Dogs are inbred often, we cannot be sure of the parentage of our dogs as stated to us without proof or blood tests, and insurance companies charge MORE for PEDIGREES for health insurances available nowadays knowing that they have more problems with health than mongrels. WHY ? use common sense. BAD BREEDING for SHOW purposes mostly I say as well as IDIOTS wanting to produce HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE DOGS that are MAD in fact not SANE so BAD and USELESS GUARD DOGS that need to be MORE STABLE THAN ANY OTHER PURPOSE DOG TO BE GOOD ONES ! 



1. PICK UP DOGSHIT IMMEDIATELY when out with your dog with a piece of toilet paper and paper bag and put it down the toilet or in a bin where it does not smell.

2. PICK UP and PUT LITTER in CORRECT PLACES not thrown in the rivers, streets etc and DO NOT USE PETROL VEHICLES in waters that need to be CLEAN for FISH - that have DECLINED by 70 percent over the past 15 years in our waters faster than ever before..AND SWIMMING and UNDERSTAND BLEACHES, our MEDICINES WE TAKE, DRUGS ALL SORTS END UP IN THE RIVERS ETC down the toilets etc. which then costs a great deal of money to CLEAN UP with CHLORINE etc to supply us with water.

Humans are the MOST SELFISH in my view RACE ON THE PLANET ! that film...the MATRIX...great line in it...Agent Smith says to Neo...the human race is the only one that DESTROYS and just MOVES ON to do the same elsewhere all the resources out of GREED. The reason the aliens or whatever they were wanted to CONTROL us.

SO ? genetically we HUMANS never mind dogs etc...are PROGRAMMED to be SELFISH ? and being more CALCULATING with DIFFERENT MENTAL INTELLECTUAL POWERS dogs and other animals do not have to INVENT machines etc we ADD GREATER DESTRUCTION to the planet out of this SELFISHNESS and GREED unique to our species in terms of the DESTRUCTION it causes.  so ? as many say...who CARES ? if there is no more petrol left in 40 years time as of course it must be limited...for the generations in front of us...we use it now and will be DEAD then so it does not matter...just enjoy what we have now...let the and future generations sort it out for themselves and believe in the INVENTIONS humans come up with to sort it out.


HOWEVER...I walk in and SMELL in the HEAT of France DOGSHIT TODAY everywhere I walk ! and it SMELLS and BOTHERS me and OTHERS NOW ! ok...some French are COVERED in expensive PERFUMES they are FAMOUS for...so maybe those people do not SMELL the DOGSHIT as I do...maybe they are NOT as SENSITIVE to smell as I am being more so called CIVILISED and REMOVED from such strong senses some have still even if not as good as the senses of dogs for that....goodness knows what my and others' DOGS think of the SMELLS they smell even STRONGER than me of this DOGSHIT everywhere...or the PERFUMES that must ANNOY them as perfumes that are EXPENSIVE are made of GLANDS from the TESTICLES ...(I dunno the English word "perineal glands" English was not my first language)...of CIVETS ! WILD CATS ! are used in CHANNEL PERFUMES ! no WONDER dogs take a DISLIKE to some people they can smell such things on hey !

and it is EASY TO PICK UP YOUR DOG'S SHIT/TURDS ! and if EVERYONE as it seems here in France that I have challenged about it when they don't pick it up says...EVERYONE ELSE LEAVES it on the ground so WHY SHOULD I pick it up ? well we ADD to the SMELLS ! it adds to the DISEASES and ILLNESSES that CHILDREN AND DOGS get most of all from the BACTERIA in it that of course we then just go to doctors about saying we got some bug, feel unwell or whatever and get medicines to treat instead of DEALING WITH THE OBVIOUS CAUSES EASILY !

it makes I say SENSE to CLEAN THINGS UP for OUR OWN GOOD ! acting in SELFISH NEEDS ! but it takes LAWS and RESPECT for them and their enforcers to MAKE THAT HAPPEN as there will ALWAYS be a minority that WANT to DESPOIL things for others !

And the LOCAL LAW OFFICERS and LOCAL TOWN HALLS...did NOT SUPPORT me when I asked them FOR MONTHS to help ! with even TELLING me what the LAWS are for this dogshit problem here ! DOG CLUBS ! WEBSITES ! SELLERS OF DOGS do NOT PROVIDE you with EVEN 1 LINE OF ADVICE ABOUT THAT IN WRITING OR VERBALLY ! let alone tell you THE LAWS ! THEY DO NOT CARE ENOUGH ! not caring...is a symptom of a PSYCHOPATH if you recall...so ? is our SOCIETY becoming or has it always been...PSYCHOPATHIC ?


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Re: Link to standard
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here are links to standards...and i add...the STANDARD needs changing...i suggest to add..

1. Need to pass HEALTH STANDARDS to be able to win in any Beauty Show competitions. An approved criteria of say at least SOCIALABILITY test passed as well as HEALTH of hips eyes and non epileptic illnesses.

2. the need to REVIEW reading here the HISTORY of how the standard was over the years altered changed, the need now to RECOGNISE that

SHORT HAIRED BLACK Belgian Shepherd dogs EXIST and can be breed from LONG HAIRED PURE BREED GROENENDAELS - currently these dogs are NOT allowed to be recognised as either GROENENDAELS or MALINOIS (the latter being short haired) as the STANDARD does not currently allow it. so what happens if one or more appear in the litter of a breeder wishing to sell pups ? guess...extermination ? is this right ?

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